Of what married men dream?

Of what married men dream?

The most part of married young men admits that after there is nobody the period of joint life with spouses at them the desire to the halves "becomes dull".

It became clear in the course of nedavneshny research of the sharpest troubles in the relations between the floors, carried out to the USA. As write zabugorny mass media, and directly 60 % of young men admitted that cannot embody with wives of own sexy desires who help men to be raised and receive a pleasure maximum from sex. At all this the most vserasprostranenny sexy dream which these christened 60 % of respondents, – sex with the wife dressed in sexy linen. About another 30 % of respondents declared that realize the sexy dreams only half.

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And only 10 % of married young men admitted that they are absolutely satisfied with own sexy life. At all this their spouses "indulge" own young men sexy linen.

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