How to find comparability of your pair?

How to find comparability of your pair?

Not essentially what of us in that or other measure dreams to endure the real sincere and raging ocean of love emotions and feelings which inspire, grant unearthly inspiration, allocate with desire to create and see. Those to whom has the luck to test it, wish to keep all palette of beautiful emotions forever, and those who else are in search or face a certain choice, fear to be mistaken.

In any case during some moment questions of comparability and stability of the relations start to disturb us. Cтрах to lose or remain one causes desire to glance in the future to be convinced of sincerity and reliability of own pair. In more popular ways for this purpose are a comparability horoscope, frequent the machine gun generated by an aaplet for some seconds, and a numerologichesky forecast.

Comparability horoscope

One of often meeting horoscopes of comparability whom it is possible to receive in a free access in the Web, is a horoscope based on assistance between solar signs. It is possible to consider that forecast more than abstract, after all it completely does not consider the provision of the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, also the provision of borders of houses of a horoscope, but after all specifically these characteristics symbolically operate marriage, love, happiness, are responsible for stability of the relations and property of the family man. Actually the overall picture of comparability of 2 different people also consists of interaction of all these parts. To make that horoscope it is possible, only doing an emphasis for dates, time and the small town of births of 2 certain people. The general horoscopes of these basic data do not consider, therefore do not despair, when when receiving that here abstract interpretation will see very small percent of your comparability. You, by all means, can gather from there something useful, but take as management to action this information it is not necessary. As proof of said hunting to give an example: unscrupulously what astrological aaplet which generates autohoroscopes, says about existence of huge tension and the highest degree of a conflictness in the unions between representatives of a sign of the Aries, and in fact, such unions are undesirable. According to statistical data which were received by one of the European institutes of an astrology after processing more than 150 horoscopes, the percent of stains in such unions does not achieve and 20 %. Here to you and contradictions. Though to be fair it should be noted that 20 % after all exist.

Even if you addressed to the specialist who will make to you a personal horoscope of comparability, probably it will appear that, on certain lines, you the faultless pair, and on certain – is insignificant contradictions, well and in such случает it is not necessary отрисовывать in imagination sad pictures of your parting. Remember: creation of the relations quite difficult and severe work which will claim from you wisdom, judiciousness, ability to go on compromises and your desire of times a day to be improved.

Numerologichesky forecast

Though what of words, though what of wise men – only the tool, but not the final Truth.
One stock you will not make a large quantity of "things", but various it can be.

To Ama Mom

The numerology – a science about secret of numbers, also offers an easy way of calculation of stability of the relations. Accuracy of that forecast will make about 60 %. This way is quite ordinary for the calculation, after all even the unprepared person, having ahead of itself a method of calculations and a little free time, can execute it without the aid of others. Everything that will be necessary for you, are dates of birth. Dismissed is based on 2 indicators – spiritual and household which detain or opposite – destroy affairs.

How to find comparability of your pair?

Method of calculation of stability of the relations

We will make out all calculations on an example of the 1st person. It is necessary to do calculations for the partner by analogy.

For a start it is necessary to make a psychomatrix.

1. Write down date of birth, for example maiden Tatyana, in a format число:месяц:год (3/12/1984). Write out a numerical row for this date of birth, in our case it is 1231984. Leave a place under this row to bring additional numbers which you receive later, having made additional calculations.

2. Prosummiruyte all numbers of date of birth next way: 1+2+3+1+9+8+4=28. Such makary, you receive the 1st of an additional number sequence.

3. For calculation of the second it is necessary to combine numbers of which the 1st consists: 2+8= 10.

4. For calculation of the third it is necessary to take away from the first (from us 28) the first figure of the first row (in an example it is 1), increased by an invariable multiplier – 2. 28-(1*2) = 28-2 = 26.

5. For calculation of the 4th it is necessary to combine numbers of which the third consists: 2+6= 8.

Here that should turn out:



Let’s write down these numbers in a psychomatrix. Essentially: the zero at record is not considered!








Now it is necessary to count household and spiritual stability.

Household stability (BS) = the sum of figures of diagonals (3,5,7) *сумму figures in strips (3,6,9) *сумму figures in strips (2,5, 8).

In our example: BS = 1*3*6 = 18.

Spiritual stability (DS) = the sum of figures of diagonals (1,5,9) *сумму figures in a column (1,2,3) * the sum of figures of strips (1,4,7).

In our example: DS = 4*7*4 = 112.

Now we will count all data on Tatyana’s partner – to Sergey (date of birth 4/11/1981)











Household stability (BS) = 4*2*5 = 40.

Spiritual stability (DS) = 7*7*6 = 294.

Now we will carry out the last calculations.

Let’s count the general household stability of partners (OBS) = household stability of Tatyany*bytovuyu Sergey’s stability.

ОБС = 18*40 = 720.

General spiritual stability (ODS) = spiritual stability of Tatyany*dukhovnuyu Sergey’s stability.

ОДС = 112*294 = 32928.

General stability of a family = ODS + OBS = 720 + 32928 = 33648.

Let’s translate the found number in years: OCC/365 = 33648/365 = about 92 years.

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As a whole, stability of this pair is quite high. But their weak place – a life and if pair does not level these difficulties, and will not try to leave from conventionalism in own life, time in few years they can face household crisis which will influence outright affairs.

This way is quite simple and specifies our weak and strong places in the relations. Approaching wisely to creation of own family, you never will face the bolshenny conflicts, dramas and disappointment.

Bringing result of so sore subject, hunting to tell that to all инфы which arrives to you from different sources, belong judiciously. Use councils and councils of professionals, but at all this not запамятовывайте to listen and trust own heart.

Ira Kirichenko, astronomer

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