Shadowing the ex-boyfriend in social networks conducts to psychotraumas

Shadowing the ex-boyfriend in social networks conducts to psychotraumas

Those users of social networks who got used to track down each step of the former partners to the Web, risk to earn for themselves a depression or a mental trauma.

English psychologists carried out sociological researches and learned that more than a half of users of the Network on few times in day come on page of ex-halves into Facebook and look after their private life. They laboriously inspect, whether their status on «exchanged consists in the relations» or "is married", what photos arise, what places and institutions are visited by last partner, what ladies are added as a friend.

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Sociologists note that people are registered in social networks for two reasons: always to be on communication with friends and to receive new and for shadowing private life of the former. And if to sum up that at present the number of users of Facebook makes about billion people, it is easy to count up that in the Network hundred parts of millions people are engaged in similar espionage.

Heading group of researchers of England Tara Marshall notes that, it seems, very much the people who have endured parting, did not try to learn all interesting their things on Facebook, they not always it in a condition to make, because many hide the private life behind seven seals. And watching still will receive vpribavka to a strong sensual shock after a rupture of the relations besides a severe mental trauma from shadowing and experiences.

And if the former sexy partners remain friends on Facebook, they continue to live interests the friend to the friend. It is necessary to move forward as it is possible to keep away further from the lover, to remove it from own friends and voobshchy to bring in "bleklist".

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