How on musical preferences to make a portrait of the lover?

How on musical preferences to make a portrait of the lover?

Musical preferences of your elect can сладкоречиво tell about his successes and achievements in a bed. About it said the German Berliner Zeitung edition, having referred to results of research of psychologist Sam Goslinga. The scientist made experiment in the course of which interrogated volunteers about their musical preferences, and carried out with them the personal test later. All its conclusions were reduced to the subsequent пт.


If your beloved likes to listen to fate, it testifies that it can forever stretch pleasure and it is not simple to prolong sexual intercourse for an hour, and and in principle to arrange a sex marathon on all night long. These men are capable to present to own darling multiple orgasms. On the first place for them – pleasure of the partner, instead of own.


Men who prefer to listen to music for hipster, differ distinguished taste. They it is far not heroes lovers, in a bed they do everything indifferently. To them to roll about, have a talk on global subjects and only later to start sex. They do not adore extreme love, usually are engaged in it according to a certain scenario.


Such lovers know, how to take pleasure and throw happy the lady. They like own body, and demand faultless forms from partners. But they are weak in bed experiences.


Such music внемлют very sensual, sexy persons. They adore to try in a bed all new. Fans of the jazz do from own partners of real goddesses of sex – as at physical level, and morally.


If he povsevremenno listens to hit songs, which at all very famous, it – severe, both in life, and in sex. He does not love sex for one night, he likes to make love to the same lady more. At all this he is the adherent of one position, is avaricious on caresses and tenderness. And at most that expects it the darling after the love act is a virgin kiss.

Hip-hop and rap

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Fans of that music – experimenters in sex to the core. They try all positions which contemplate in books. Have ability to liberate to the partner so that already she will be the initiator of novelty in a bed. It seems that he is an egoist in sex and that style only on public reflects only about for itself, but. Actually there is all opposite.

Soul and r’n’b

Men whom внемлют, soul and r’n’b, very gentle, vulnerable, adore caress and warmth, find in the lady mother and the quite good spouse. Faultless mistresses are not necessary for them, will be that their lady showed the feelings enough and agreed on sex "on duty".

There is absolutely not enough young men внемлют classics, a chanson and a techno therefore Sam Gosling in details did not study their property.

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