Top of 10 family traditions for happy life

Top of 10 family traditions for happy life

That your family was amicable and happy, think up own traditions which will pull together both kids, and adults. Usually, the traditions established by parents, kids at mature age try to introduce later in the families, keeping and increasing such basic for everyone values.

What after all can apply for family tradition? Yes everything, everything – viewing of novelties of a sinematograf on Fridays, an ornament of a New Year tree or sea tour. The main thing that all members of the family aspired from year to year, from a month in a month or from week to week to arrange family time and to be charmed by society the friend to the friend. As they say, there would be an occasion. At all this, not an obyazalovka, and spiritual eagerness and a rush.

House evening out of door

It is possible to arrange it once a week or time in a month. The family can go to the cinema, in an aquapark, go for a drive on horses, in McDonald’s etc. Besprintsipialno even, than specifically you will be engaged, the main thing that after hard labor week you will be charged by a positive and to grant the heat the friend the friend.

To conduct a house album

Both kids, and adults can paste memorable and joyful pictures which become further a true relic in a photo album.

House sit-round gathering

The excellent thought – once a week to play games. It can be puzzles, dominoes and chess, and barricades from pillows can also. Usually, both kids, and adults always remain in ecstasy from that pastime.


On a country site everyone should be engaged in one common cause – to look after plants, the house (if it is), a garden, a flower bed. At all this it is possible to fix something to each member of the family one. Children can water with buckets florets, sweep paths etc.

Healthy lifestyle

You did not mishear – it also can be house tradition. In other words, all family can leave on jog, arrange sports five-minutes in the apartment, play football or basketball, to have a shower bath cool water, to say "no" mayonnaise, to chips and crackers etc.


Arrange joint purchases in hypermarkets, adults should speak to children on what it is possible to save up, what products by all means should be in the refrigerator and what not better to receive.

Sorties on the nature

Once a year it is possible to go to a campaign with tents. It will do good completely to all. Fishing, collecting of mushrooms, pharmaceutical grasses, bathing in a reservoir and without a break in the open air leave days always after itself only positive emotions and desire again to come back to the nature.

Trip on the sea

Once a year sail away all family on the sea and be revitalized. Adults will learn to swim children, the family will go in common by excursion, to sunbathe, in common to join history of those places where happens.

Ornament of a fir-tree and meeting of New year and Christmas

New year and Christmas is family holidays and family time. Accustom kids to that, as to meet them it is necessary a family, in common to decorate a Christmas tree, to light it, to think of desires under peal of bells, to unpack gifts, to have a good time, eat кутью. To walk with friends and it is possible to note out of door and the next days after holidays, the benefit New Year’s holidays proceed two weeks.

Joint gifts

If the family gathers for someone’s Day of the birth, a marriage or christening, involve in discussion of gifts of all members of the family. And if you decide to present means or a coffee maker, the greeting card can be made everything in common. Handwork, such special attention are very valuable to heroes of the occasion, at all this all members of the family with pride will hand over a gift and all remain satisfied. And so try to arrive always.

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