How to deduce louses at the kid?

How to deduce louses at the kid?

Pedikulez – very widespread an illness, and his activator – louses. To chagrin catch it can though what child at school or kindergarten which is in a certain proximity with a carrier.

Louses can creep from the 1st kid to another at an exchange of clothes, myagenky toys or hairbrushes and even if kids simply play in common.

Usually, the 1st suspicions on педикулез arise at parents when the child everything starts to scratch the head more often, being nervous at all this and combing wounds. At survey of the head of your child you can find louses, nits (look as the transparent extended vials which strongly keep on hair) and injuries of head skin. How to fight with this illness?

At first, do not panic and do not upset itself and the kid even more. Healing procedure from педикулеза is unpleasant, but is productive. At first, it is necessary to be reserved by special means which will promote to deduce parasites. For example, aerosol "Pair plus", chemerichny water, Pedikulin shampoo. Fixedly read summaries after that process the head of the kid, and from above roll up polyethylene and a towel (it after procedure is better for throwing out). Three days later carry out repeated processing. If within 2 weeks after the 2nd manipulation you do not find the new centers of a disease – you mastered louses.

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It is necessary to consider that adult louses to deduce much more simply, than their larvae (nit). They also represent the biggest danger to the kid. At the expense of a cocoon in what they are, means on elimination of this disease can not work on them. Specifically nits also can become the precondition of emergence of repeated difficulty, therefore laboriously and few times check the head of the kid to be convinced of a total disappearance of sources of infection.

Essentially: after processing by specifics of the head of the kid, examine all members of the family, wash clothes for a bed and all things to which it contacted. Also with special care process hairbrushes and headdresses.

And, as a result, some councils on prevention педикулеза:

1. Carry out cyclic survey of the head of the kid and all members of the family about existence of this illness.

2. Explain to the child about harm of use of another’s headdresses and hairbrushes.

3. Use lavandovy oil. Put it on occipital parts of the head, also for ears. The smell of this plant frightens off louses, and let’s to them be fixed on the head.

4. In shampoo it is possible to add essential oils of a tea tree, a lemon, mint – they too perfectly frighten off parasites.

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