Games for kids on the freshest air in a cool season

Games for kids on the freshest air in a cool season

Autumn and winter – magic seasons. And even if on the street it is cloudy and windy, it is possible to think up joyful and clockwork games for your kid and his friends.


Tell to the kid that now you not mother or the father, and the character of his beloved of the fairy tale which decided to behold your city. Pretend to be that never were on the street, and ask it to tell about everything that you surrounds. Ask ordinary and joyful questions of all subjects which meet on your way. Let will say, for what they are necessary and that with them to do. It perfectly develops thinking of the kid and ability to formulate the thoughts.

The edible – inedible

Take with itself on walk a ball, suggest the kid to play in the acquaintance to you from youth game. Try to call words which treat an autumn time (mushrooms, a rain, berries, leaves) or winter.

Collect collecting

Try to re-embody ordinary collecting a herbarium or chestnuts in very fascinating adventure. So be reserved by knowledge in biology, and safely sail away on walk. Naturally, it is not necessary to plant two-hour lecture about a leaf or mushroom origin, it is enough to tell to pair of fascinating offers. You are surprised, how it will intrigue the kid. And, who knows, maybe, such makary, you grow up the future stately biologist.


Become opposite to the kid and tell: "We now – culinary specialists. We cut a potato, we stir soup, we rub carrot" etc. The problem of your kid – precisely to repeat movements which you describe. Start to confuse it further – say one, but show absolutely another. The small culinary specialist should test not to get off, and to repeat the correct movements. When game will be mastered, it too can try on a role of the leader.

Mathematical games on the freshest air

Chestnuts, acorns will be useful for this game or cones to you. Let the kid will take them in one hand, late count, how many subjects were located in his palm. Now suggest to count, how many chestnuts you, on how many hold them more than at the kid. It is possible to ask also, how many chestnuts you and the kid in common. This game perfectly develops a small motility of hands and promptly learns the kid to lay down and read.

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Autumn queen

Unscrupulously what girl will not refuse inexpressibly charming crown from autumn leaves, it will be pleasant to little boy to present that gift to the loved mother. Therefore sail away with your child to park behind autumn leaflets, mountain ash branches, acorns. Help the kid to weave a wreath further, and carry out ceremony of crowning which can be used as nainteresneyshy idea for an autumn children’s photoshoot.


Suggest the child to draw on asphalt. To make game unusual, let the kid leads round the found leaves. During drawing it is possible to be trained also in storing of titles of the trees which leaves отрисовывают, to learn to distinguish them from each other.

Grandmother’s bouquet

This game – one more version of collecting an autumn herbarium. Suggest the child to collect a bouquet for the grandmother from autumn leaflets. During collecting "crop" ask the kid about color, a form and the size of leaflets. Training of the kid new words will be useful also, describe colors of leaves as "bright-red", "gold", "crimson" etc.

Florets on snow

And in this game it is possible to play, when the 1st frosts will already begin. Take soap solution for bubbles, and a straw. Together with the kid try to inflate a soap ball on a frost. You will see, how on a narrow film of water needles of ice which here will gather to unusual ice florets will start to appear. From this most interesting occupation not only only kids, well and adults will come to ecstasy.


It too winter game. Beforehand buy "treasure" for your young hunter. It can be a toy, a chocolate or other sweets. Put "treasure" in a waterproof bag or a box and hide in snow in a certain place. The kid should find a treasure by means of your helps. It is also possible to draw the map which will help it to find a treasure.

You see even in a cool season of the kid it is possible to borrow with interesting game on the freshest air. It is very useful for health of your kid and will help it grow up tempered, developed and sociable.

Founder: Julia Nastenko

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