The love of mother influences the size of a brain of the kid

The love of mother influences the size of a brain of the kid

The research which has been carried out by the doctor of children’s psychiatry of Joan Lubi from Washington University School of Medicine, showed that at the kids who have been brought up by zealous parents, the brain volume is much more, than at homeless children.

It appears, mother calming the alarmed kid or singing to the child a lullaby, not simply shows care, and besides provides ordinary development of all departments of a brain of own kid. Doktora carried out brain scanning at 2 3-year-old kids: results of procedure struck them, after all the brain in a picture located at the left, essentially differed on the size from the image located on the right. Moreover, in the right picture the bigger quantity of black areas is visible.

The child with more bolshushchy and absolutely developed brain was under the care of loving and caring parents, and the wrinkled brain belonged to the victim of neglect and the fierce appeal.

The love of mother influences the size of a brain of the kid

Consequences of a lack of attention and caress are sad: such kids become addicts more quite often and participate in robberies, they have more than chances to remain the unemployed and to live on соц a grant. To chagrin, children suffering from indifferent business from parents, have difficulties as with physical, and a psychological state of health.

Researchers beheld the regularity, so called cycle of neglect – ancestors of offsprings with the least developed brain, also suffered from absence of attention from the father and mother.

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Joan Lubi noted that children who have been brought up in the atmosphere of love and care, cleverer, and at them is brightly expressed соц ability to empathize other people.

"The 1st two years of life are necessary in development of a children’s brain. If the homeless kid or the orphan not to cure properly at raneshny age, consequences can be irreversible", – doctor Alan Shor in own interview to the The Sunday Telegraph edition confirms conclusions of colleagues.

It should be noted that children’s psychiatrists and neurologists from institute honey in Saint Louis also came to the similar conclusion: school students, whose mothers cherished them at raneshny age, had the huge sizes гиппокампа – the structure of a brain responsible for memory, training and reaction to a stress.

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