The South American pediatrists supported trimming

The South American pediatrists supported trimming

The South American association of pediatrists which was usually borrowing in a question of need of trimming a neutral position, for the first time officially acted in its support. It agrees to the new instructions placed by it, pluses of this procedure essentially surpass the threats interfaced to operation.

At the same time doktor refrained from councils to do trimming to all newborn boys. They noted that ancestors should accept a final decision.

As pediatrists note, surgical removal of the last flesh lowers risk of an infection of urinary ways, a cancer of a penis and other oncological diseases, as well venereal diseases, including a syndrome of the found immunodeficiency.

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"We do not argue that it is necessary to do operation. We declare that if ancestors consider that trimming is equitable to interests of their kid, they should have a possibility it to make", – quotes Reuters agency head of the author’s group which have prepared the report of doctor Andrew Friedman.

But opponents of trimming already declared that not kids, and adults were object honey of research works on which new instructions are based. They are also convinced that ancestors have no right to make for kids so crucial decision.

Let’s remind that soon in a number of the European states real campaign against 1 of more basic religious customs of Jews and Muslims was developed. At the end of June the tribunal of the German Cologne recognized trimming by drawing of heavy injuries.

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