Top of 10 mans fears about which they are silent

Top of 10 mans fears about which they are silent

It is considered to be that the real man is afraid of nothing. It is strong and cunning that causes trust and feeling of safety. But even the sure in themselves and, on the 1st look, faultless young men have horrors and practically all of them are reduced to that list which we give below.

So, it is horror:

1. To "mess up"

In fact though what man is afraid to make something "not so". It concerns work, communication with maidens, the relations with friends. How worthy and successfully it will answer all questions, a joke, expression, his self-image and mood depends.

2. Critics

Men very much depend on another’s representation, criticism, a sarcastic look. It can forever undermine his confidence in itself.

3. That the lady will not be pleasant to an environment

In the main thing, the man fear that the darling will not be pleasant to friends and it should come true somehow for own taste and preferences. With relatives everything is simpler – friends will apprehend, with relatives it is possible to carry out a two-three of impartial discussions. It, naturally, concerns in any way mother’s darlings, those never will go against the will of the mother.

4. To change

Many men fear something to change in themselves even if these changes will precisely do good.

5. To become the henpecked

To become object of female manipulation – very big horror therefore the real man prefers to remain always at height and to be for the lady not conducted, and the leader in the relations. Naturally, we speak about men, whose sexy bents do not cause questions.

6. To lose reputation and a condition

Panic and unpredictable acts – here reaction to those things which can threaten authority of the man and his material condition. He is ready костьми to lay down for that acquired back-breaking toil.

7. Marriages

It пт men fear as the devil of an incense. The horror of changes, divorce, insolvency not to master children, weights of a life – all this forces to delay a marriage for uncertain terms.

8. Impotences

Fear of that the member will bring it at midpoint is an awful dream though what man. On another its ego will be touched, its man’s force is endangered also fluctuation. In ladies’ eyes it looks the loser.

9. Changes

Even at theoretical level representing the darling with another, the man can feel not simply jealousy, well both a rage and rage. Level with impotence this point can forever break it.

10. Ladies’ tears

They affect many young men painfully – someone can begin to sob together with the lady, certain are angry, and is also such who is ready to make everything. if only the lady suspended the sobbings. And it already "smells" both manipulation, and "podkabluchnichestvo".

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