Dieticians caused the best перекус for school students

Dieticians caused the best перекус for school students
During kazhdogodny meeting of the Canadian society of a food in Vancouver results the carried-out research were presented not so long ago.

Within 3 months dieticians watched a food of 26 kids at the age from 8 till 11 years which have ordinary weight.

In this interval of time all experimental recovered the same products. The food differed only accepted during time перекуса: raisin, grapes, potato chips and chocolate cookies. READ ALSO – How to choose a true backpack for the school student?

In the course of research it was found that kids who used during time having bitten raisin, felt as more full in comparison to children from other groups. Together with that they removed appetite, having accepted the smallest quantity of calories on comparison to other snack.

Such makary, it is possible to sum up that the raisin is more healthy food for kids, without giving it ability to gather excessive kgs. Source:

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