Rules of creative development of the kid

Rules of creative development of the kid

Creativity is not simply pleasant pastime, this development of the personality. It is necessary for children and children to give all abilities for tests, opening something new and fascinating. Putting certain knowledge and abilities in own kid, you put them in his future. Who knows, your daughter who draws in detail silhouettes of dresses can is future Coco Chanel, and the descendant егоза, at the correct motivation is Steve Jobs of the last generation? So what main rules of creative development of the kid?

Try to listen and accept seriously all questions and thoughts of your kid, after all he is a personality which can, both to be mistaken, and to think out noteworthy and innovative ideas. Simply try to hear particles of intelligent decisions and thoughts in babble of the child.

Organize to the child his personal corner or a workshop where there will be all its things for creativity and where he will manage as it is lonely, and with your help, to create. But remember, do not impose your help to the child, and wait, when he will ask it is will testify that he trusts you and lets in own world.

Rules of creative development of the kid
Do not abuse the kid for creative mess on a table during process of creation something, but ask to be cleaned, when the child will end.

Allow the child most to plan the time and affairs. Responsibility for is a basic lesson which can be given to the child.

Always take the kid in trips and noteworthy places. The more the child contemplates various cultures, places, people, the more experience of contemplation receives.

Do not associate your kid with other children, and never say to it about his defects or pluses. The child should learn to accept itself such as it is, and to create the pluses and minuses itself. Also, if the child hears from parents that they badly say about someone, he too will start to think also about people around.

Give the chance to the child to participate in any competitions is disciplines and tempers spirit of the kid. Having won any prize, the motivation of the kid only will amplify, and in case of loss, it is necessary for you to adjust the kid that at more stubborn work on at it everything will turn out in the subsequent time.

Competition of children’s drawing from the company Toyeta

From December 14, 2012 to January 31, 2013 Toyeta in Ukraine offers all children aged till 15 years to come together with parents in though what official dealer center, and to participate in the international competition of drawing «Car of your dream».

Rules of creative development of the kid
Role conditions:

1) It is necessary to come in though what official dealer center Toyeta in Ukraine.

2) To familiarize with official rules of competition and to agree to a role.

3) To fill the demand and the questionnaire which can be received in the official dealer centers or to load on an official page of competition «Car of your dream».

4) To show all the imagination and to draw the dream car on A3 format paper (it can be to make as in the official dealer centers, and at home).

Carrying out competition:

Competition will be carried out to two steps. the 1st step – City competition which is organized by the official distributor of cars Toyeta in Ukraine PII "Toyota Ukraine". Here, kids will be divided into 3 age groups:

1 category – kids are elderly till 9 years

2 category – kids at the age from 10 till 12 years

3 category – kids at the age from 12 till 15 years

Rules of creative development of the kid
In each of these categories it will be defined on 3 favourites who will receive:

– a prize for the 1st place – the netbook

– a prize for the 2nd place – a tablet

– a prize for the third place – the electric book

On the second step of competition «Car of your dream» of work of favourites of city competition of each participating country will send in headquarters «Toyota Corporation’s Motor». Names of favourites in each age category of Global competition will be known in August, 2013 then they will be invited to an awards ceremony to Japan together with one of parents. The head of jury the president «as Toyota Corporation’s Motor» Akio Toyoda will act. So, do not miss chance to show art talents of your kid, and can be it becomes concrete it the best in the middle тыщ kids worldwide which participate in this wonderful competition!

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