How to choose the nurse for the kid?

How to choose the nurse for the kid?

After the birth of the kid not essentially what mummy tries all the time to give only to it. But on the expiration of certain time after emergence on light of the loved child the mother aspires to come to work, or in it there is an urgent need.

Then reflections with whom to throw the kid begin. 1st idea: grandmothers! But when also they cannot, and time out of door you will see off much, it is necessary to reflect on the nurse. To elect her is too rather hitretsky problem, after all people usually do not open own real temper and abilities during the first meeting. Here essentially to cope several rules.

For a start it is necessary for you to be caused, as will be engaged specifically in searches of the specialist in education – announcements in newspapers, councils of acquaintances or service of personnel agency. The last, naturally, will provide the person who is absolutely meeting your requirements, well and the sum will request rather big. In any case, agreeing by phone about a meeting with the candidate for a position in your family, it is necessary to discuss all conditions beforehand. Обмолвить all is necessary – beginning from compensation, graphics of work, obligations (can, you need an ironing of linen or dinner cooking) and finishing existence of suitable references on a state of health.

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For personal meeting plan at least an hour. At all this it is better, that at this time someone was at home with the child. Surely your possible nurse should bring such documents on a meeting: the passport, the diploma about education, councils from last places of the work, the references freshest (!) honey (marks from PND, дерматовенеролога, the expert in narcology, results of photoroentgenography, analyses on HIV, hepatitis, RW, бакпосев).

By all means copy passport data and phones of the people who have given advice. Do not forget to call these people and to have a talk with them.

7 basic lines by which it is necessary to be guided at a nurse choice:

1. Punctuality;

2. Spotless and clean external shape;

3. Mental comparability to you;

4. As perfectly with it is felt by the child;

5 whether. The nurse does any requirements of parents for education and care of the kid;

6 whether. Symptoms of a psychological unbalance are observed;

7. At the first conversation the excellent nurse will show enthusiasm to the child.

Establish a trial period to observe nurse work, before taking it for the long term. Such test will justify itself. Naturally, a quantity of days of the house is better to stay, let’s to the kid get used to another’s person, and to the nurse to acclimatize. It is not necessary to a meeting to allow to it to take the kid on hands or to interfere in his personal place. It is better to wait, while the child itself will approach to the nurse, will feel itself is weakened in the company of the new person.

Do not build business such makary that the nurse felt the member of the family (in this case, it will be more difficult to you to give it orders and to achieve from it). It is most ideal to observe a distance, but at the same time affairs should be confidential.

The nurse should report on new successes of the baby or about its dilemmas, say in malekhanky details everything that occurred without you. The nurse should limit itself in corporal contacts to the child. She can stroke, set him on knees. Without it not to manage. But to kiss, sleep with it in one bed it is not necessary.

Masterfully prepared nurses do not allow the kid to call themselves "mother", better let calls her on a name or simply "nurse". The nurse also should call your kid by name, without using house nicknames of your kid.

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