5 events which

can prevent adoption 5 events which

There is enough, that the spouse or the spouse fell at least under one of пт, disturbing to adoption that to a family refused ability to get the adopted child. I wish brings to your attention all list of the events doing adoption by the impracticable.

READ ALSO – How to adopt the kid? Absence of the invariable income, residence and nationality registration. Though institute of a registration cancelled, you should provide in bodies of guardianship the certificate of the place of residence, in common with the certificate of existence of the invariable income (completely official, besides). Adoption of kids even in incomplete families is authorized to citizens of Ukraine, and here foreigners should show besides the wife or to the spouse. Criminal record existence essentially reduces chances to become the reception parent. Adoption will refuse to the person being on a conditional early release and that who was involved under innumerable articles (including evasion from the alimony). The state of health also can prevent adoption. It is forbidden to send kids to families where the father or mother are sick with psychological frustration, tuberculosis, a cancer in the fourth stage or HIV/AIDS. For other diseases which are present at the list, "trial period" is established. From the moment of manifestation of symptoms, say, a nervous breakdown or a stress, should pass not less than 5 years. And only in this case it is possible to count on the positive solution of a question. Abuse of alcohol and drugs, also stay on the account because of alko-or drug addictions, deprives of chance to become mother or the father to the adopted child. If the applicant for adoption was deprived earlier of the parental rights, refused guardianship over the child or cancelled adoption, its candidate even will not consider.

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