How to increase immunity of the first grader?

How to increase immunity of the first grader?

At huge loadings immunity goes down even at the adult person. What after all to say about the kid of six-seven years at whom the environment, lifestyle and the schedule of day sharply changes? Fortunately, on the first of September the most part of kids come to school awake and had a rest after summer. The problem of parents – to promote the child to pass to a brand new mode without harm for mentality and health.

To avoid stresses

The stress is not always physical overfatigue, this besides psychological pressure. Start with a principle: «It is better to praise, than to abuse». It is clear that in the first class where yet do not put estimates to abuse it seems and there is nothing. If the pervoklashka has no obvious furors or it was not praised by the teacher, do not show that are disappointed. On the contrary, tell that believe in own kid. Do not meet him a question «How are you at school?» or «You made homework?» Ask better, as it spent day that it was pleasant to it. The day spent at school, is not only only lessons and tasks, well and discussions, friends, games. Let the child feels that to you he is more fascinating, instead of his successes.

Measured dream

Though what teacher will say that on behavior of the pupil it is simple to find a family with the correct mode of day and on the contrary. That the child was active and attentive at a lesson, it should come to school slept and had a rest. For this purpose at least for an hour to a dream exclude the computer and a TV set. Modern parents devilishly do not have time, and not enough who can resist against a formula «Make lessons and you can play on the computer». Despite of employment, carry out a part of own precious time with the child. It is possible to play in a board game, to breathe the freshest air, to read the book, to tell any history. Help it to relax, having left behind excitement of last day.

Not bad mood in the afternoon

Begin day with a grin, gather to school without haste. Organize everything so that the child it is weakened has breakfast. For though what person, in particular for malekhanky, the family and the house is a zone of comfort and safety. Respect the identity of the kid and his personal place. If you have a bad mood, do not give vent to it. The imprudent or rough word can spoil to the child mood for all day. Come to school beforehand that it was possible to spread out before a writing-book and handle lesson.

Create a positive spirit. Rejoice. Try to amuse or make laugh in the afternoon of the kid. The laughing person is weakened, is not aggressive. The laughter restores breath and lowers pressure of blood, improves the general health. 5 minutes of a laughter substitute 40 minutes of rest, level of antibodies and activity of leukocytes at this time grows, and with them – immunity becomes stronger.

Natural vitamins

Apples, pears, grapes, plums, a water-melon it is even more available and more useful though than what vitamin complex in pills. Naturally, it is simpler to get in shop a pack of chips, than kg of apples in the market, but whether the child because of parental laziness should suffer? That the person was strong, it should eat the freshest fruit and vegetables. Most ideally vitamins are acquired in the natural form. All reddish and yellowish vegetables contain beta carotene which will be transformed to vitamin A: carrot, reddish pepper, tomato, pumpkin. This vitamin is responsible for force of immune reaction. That vitamins A, D and E were acquired by an organism, fats are necessary. In salad from carrot or tomatoes add a sour cream or oil spoon. If give to the child yogurt, do not take the fat-free.

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Vitamin C source – all sour: dogrose, dark currant, lemon, citrus, sourcrout. This vitamin is responsible for development of immune cages. Group B vitamins – seeds, bread from a flour of a rough grinding, nutlets, buckwheat, bean, mushrooms, cheese. The antioxidant, vitamin E, an organism receives from nuts, the sunflower seeds, the let germinate cereals, not refined vegetative oils. Vegetative products rich with minerals – nutlets, bean, seeds, integral grain, bitterish chocolate. As it is possible include in a broccoli diet, strawberry, a kiwi, a salmon, meat of a turkey, vegetable marrows and bush pumpkins more often.

Healthy food

That the child went to school, not an occasion to fill its satchel bars and packs with cookies. If it is necessary for school student to have a bite, give it with itself a water bottle, a grain cracker, apple (to cut in half and to pull out stones), carrot, nutlets, raisin. In that, as to a house food, clean all artificial – and the healthy food will turn out. It is necessary to exclude bars, cakes, candies, sweet cookies, gas-water, juice from a package, chips, hamburgers and other food garbage. Explain to the child that this food does not contain some vitamins, is harmful and causes obesity.

Sweet it is possible to change berries, fruit, dried apricots, raisin, dates, honey. Zamesto of sweet curd cakes – ordinary cottage cheese. The matter is that the preservatives which were in sweets, dyes, stabilizers, emulsifiers not only only lower immunity, well and practically are not deduced from an organism, leading to fierce violations, easing of immunity and excess weight. For the rest not essentially what mother knows that proteins, in other words meat and fish, vegetables and fruit, sour-milk products, potassium (baked potatoes, a dried apricots, nutlets, buckwheat, porridge), a probiotics (onions, garlic, banana) and the freshest greens are necessary to the little man. Not always there is time to run on the market or to cook healthy food, means it is necessary to organize truly for the sake of the kid own mode, to avoid temptation prompt having bitten and sacchariferous substitutes.

Loadings and overloads

Modern ancestors approach to questions of education structurally: British from the cradle, dances from a kindergarten, at school – additional classes and sports sections. The more intellectual loading at school, the is more feasibly built a counterbalance of physical activity. The first grader who aspires to correspond to expectations of parents, not always can tell that occupations to it in burden. From slackness the child can lose enthusiasm to occupations. Speech not that trainings and sections are harmful, and that each person has an endurance limit. Superfluous loadings lower immunity. Mother should ask the price fixedly of the child and, having noticed strong slackness or apathy, to offer it a respite. Remember, you the childhood did not wish to fall ill? The diseased treat fixedly and carefully, bring tea in a bed, it is possible to read, отрисовывать, to be engaged in that for you is pleasant. It is better to pass pair of occupations and to renew them with pleasure, than to finish the kid to the found overfatigue.

Games on the freshest air

The child needs to happen more often on the freshest air. There is a possibility – use it, there is no ability – find. For example, walk. Not in shop behind products, and it is sensitive further – in park, in the wood, on picnic. It is possible to go on великах and to play badminton. In almost all yards there are tables for table tennis. Buy rackets – and forward. In the evening or it is possible to be run on the sports ground on horizontal bars in the afternoon. During week-end to invite friends and to play in football. To descend in a museum, to wander in fine places of the native small town. It is the most difficult point for parents as because of a lack of time we from time to time listen to kids. Ask, speak, tell. Believe, to the child on all life minutes when mother or the father reveal from the unfamiliar party, let even during a football match or walk will be remembered.

Free time

Each person should have personal time of which he disposes in own way. Planning training events, at least on pair
of evenings leave the kid alone. It has the right to have a rest or be engaged in fascinating to itself(himself) affairs, it is simple to do nothing. It after all only seems to you that it is occupied with nothing, in fact he reflects on something basic. Voobshchem idling is unusual for children. They find and find for itself occupation. The girl can desire to learn to sew dresses for dolls or to bake cookies. The boy – to hammer nails, something to build or break. Wishes to learn отрисовывать the little man or a doggie – show, how it becomes, and do not drag to a meeting in art studio. There are drafts, chess, board games. Not each kind of activity is obliged to have a professional orientation, it is possible to do something and as a hobby – without competitions and competitions. Support though what business which delivers to the child pleasure. Unlike the computer or a TV set, such occupation brings to the child an emotional ublazheniye.

Natural means

In the nature there are many means increasing immunity: эхинацея, ginseng, solodka, элеутерококк, limonnik. It is possible to prepare yablokovy, orange and limonovy teas. Broth from hips is useful. It can be mixed with tea, to add honey and to drink cooled down, as compote. It is possible to prepare a berry berry juice, and it is possible to knead quickly a spoon the frozen cranberry or a currant and to add in tea.

At cold or for prevention it is necessary to drink herbal teas. Leaves and raspberry branches, a camomile, a dogrose, a linden, leaves of a dark currant and wild strawberry, a Sudanese rose (каркаде), mint, an eucalyptus – not essentially what grass possesses medical qualities. Natural means will promote an organism better than pills.

It is impossible to make so that the child the voobshchy was not ill. Two-three colds in a year are a little. If you consider that immunostimulators are necessary for the child, by all means consult to the local doctor.

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