Secrets of chest feeding

Secrets of chest feeding

Whatever opponents of chest feeding, feeding of cubs by milk – process natural said. At least, for mammals whom we treat. But what to do to mothers who do not have milk?

To make better a lactation it is possible by means of that traditional means: in a glass of sour cream mix a teaspoon of seeds of the caraway seeds a little kneaded in a mortar. Finish a mix to boiling on slow fire at invariable stirring. Let’s be drawn 5 minutes. Magic means is ready. Divide sour cream into 3-4 parts and eat to food.

To mothers at whom milk with interest, the milkwoman can threaten. The weight from sesame seeds with vegetable oil will help to remove an inflammation of a mammary gland. Roast sesame on slow fire, pound in a mortar and mix with it is sensitive warm vegetable oil that there was a mix. Grease the inflamed places.

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In breaks between feedings the child is given usually a baby’s dummy. Doktora recommend to "feed" the kid with a dummy only on business, for this purpose, to calm. And to take away a baby’s dummy as the baby ceases to sob. The invariable sosaniye of a dummy threatens with an incorrect bite.

Baby’s dummies let out in the 3rd sizes: And, In and S.Printsipialno to look after that the dummy was to the child on the size. To 3х the length of a product should not surpass months 1,5 see. After half a year choose a dummy larger, to 3 see. It is considered that the anatomic form is more convenient for the kid, but it is better to test various options that the kid himself chose, what baby’s dummy to it more pleasant to suck. Remember that the awkward dummy can become the precondition of refusal of chest feeding.

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