Why men do not wish to marry?

Why men do not wish to marry?

On a question of my spouse to our general 39-year-old companion: «Why you do not marry?», the ischerpayushchy answer followed: «And for what? The car erases, socks are on sale at every turn, to employ the coming cleaner – simply, to eat in cafe or restaurant – not discrepancy, and to find the girlfriend, never getting acquainted with her mother, as easy as shelling pears».

Barchelor paradise

Discrepancy «How to marry the man?» was everywhere and always. At any confession, the place of residence and a historical era of the man as fire fear sacred bonds of marriage and in every way try them to avoid.

To us, dear girlfriends, got, perhaps, the most difficult period. After all, not the secret, the is higher civilization level, the not more willingly men do families.

And, however, for what to them who is so loving the comfort and independence to hang up for itself on a neck (let even on big love and almost voluntary!) a tyazhelenny yoke under the title a family?

It is years 15 back when behind sausage it was necessary to defend turns lasting many hours, the spouse was the necessary guarantor of a survival. For in turns, stood, naturally, keepers of the center. They tore off for themselves hands and interiors tyazhelenny bags because the man with a string-bag in hands was registered on the sufferer, and his wife was in every possible way blamed by neigbours.

Cutlets home-style

All sociologists amicably note: as the quantity of markets sharply increased, super and supermarkets, the number of marriages began to fall firmly.

39-year-old bachelor Vitya is proud of own adjusted life: «Once a week to approach by the car in hypermarket, to buy everything that is necessary – there are no troubles. Yes, it is natural, house cutlets periodically hunting. But what hostess from today’s businesswomen with the long nails? They eat fast food and the spouse will feed up so. In the latter case, will employ the housewife».

Naturally, Vitya – the egoist. But in its claims there is a homespun man’s truth: at one thought that at the spouse career and more salary though what man will become sad will be more successful. And for what to it voluntary to enter into the house "inferiority complex" on hairpins?

The man in a shortcoming

As sadly it would not sound, but statistics and our actual experience are relentless: it is much less than young men, than I will give. And if still to take away from full number of possible fathers of families "blue", alcoholics, the addicts, the deepest impotent men since youth, criminals and the believers who have given ritual целибата, the picture leaves absolutely sad.

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It in never-ending TV series for 1 (one) beauty with the child 2 (two) gentlemen desperately fight against Yaroslav Boyko or Valery Nikolaev exterior. Fairy tales, by all means, are necessary, but it is better not to believe them.

The "man’s" shortcoming compels ladies to go on the last measures: голодовать to stick silicone in all places and to agree on intimate affairs at the first appointment. Than, it is necessary to recognize, men never slight.


Funny, but the most part of young men do not wish to marry, pathologically being afraid of a campaign in the REGISTRY OFFICE. Mischa Boyarsky best and brutalneyshy d’Artagnan of all times and the people, met colleague actress Larissa Luppian few years. And at all this left to spend the night to own mother. But once she thought that wishes in marriage. And it is concrete for this man.

But Mischa in the REGISTRY OFFICE did not hurry. He voobshchy did not wish to marry, and is opened by it about it declared. Reached before that they walked on streets, and the guy asked passersby: to marry it or is not present. And, to its surprise, people amicably shouted: «Yes!» Two times appointed registration date, and two times the last minute Mischa called and muttered something about urgent business which in any way cannot be postponed and because of which he will not be in time in any way.

Larissa had to put forward the ultimatum: either we leave, or we marry. Mischa shouted: «I do not wish to leave you! For what for you this press in the passport? It means nothing!» Strategy to the aid came: «Time means nothing, then in what discrepancy?» And as charismatic Boyarsky practically in cool sweat was driven by one idea about a wedding train with a naked doll on a cowl, eyewitnesses, toasts of guests and other attributes of a celebration, in a registry office ran between rehearsals. So in 1977 there was d’Artagnan’s taming, and pair happily lives till this moment.

«Mother-in-law’s language»

The abrupt or awkward road not without reason call «mother-in-law’s language». The ghost of mother of the spouse frightens off from a registry office the man much more feasibly, than Hamlet a shadow of his father. The eminent phrase of character Andrey Mironov from «Beware of the car»: «It is necessary to marry the orphan!» for young men long since became the quote from the Code of the bachelor.

My schoolmate Dima, having lived with the lady of 5 years, ran from it, only having caught from Ira Vadimovna’s lips: «It would be time to you to issue the relations». As it explained to friends: «What do I am a loony? To receive in that mother-in-law «Lesopererabatyvayushchy combine» at home? Better I will buy one more washing machine – it can though be switched off».

Small council

By all means, men do not wish to marry! Well also that? Who will ask them? Our female wisdom always will give the help a weak spot of the beloved, and that "string" on which it it is possible and it is necessary to finish to a registry office.

Founder: Ella Furmanskaya

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