Council of day: choose partner childbirth

Council of day: choose partner childbirth

Julia Vysotskaya-Konchalovskaya – a good example of the successful lady. It is beautiful, clever, the recognized actress, love and the loving spouse and very excellent mother. Now its council concerns pair business to childbirth.

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"I do not represent for myself as can be in a different way. Did the kid in common why to give birth to him I one should? On the other hand, I do not represent for myself as it is possible to throw the loved person during the responsible moment. My house life is under construction specifically on it is on love, a priyatelstvo, friendship, force of support. Naturally the love differently can be shown, but when it is bad to the one whom you love, your duty – to be near. Childbirth is, naturally perfectly, excellent, remarkable, but after all and is very sick", – is sure Vysotsky.

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