How to choose a true satchel for the kid?

How to choose a true satchel for the kid?

Not essentially what mother wishes, that her kid had all the best. Remember that in a case with satchels – the finest and the most high-quality not always means the most true.

Choosing a satchel, at first, pay attention to existence of 2 straps and placed ahead of a clamp. Being clasped or on a waist the thong practically twice reduces load of a back by breasts. Remember that the more pockets will be at a satchel, the better. If to distribute weight on various pockets, it is possible to reach that when walking subjects did not move.

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Very essentially to train the kid truly to put on a satchel. It under no circumstances cannot be done to a canopy. To put on and remove a satchel it is necessary from a table. The maximum allowable weight which the school student can carry, should not surpass 15 % from weight of his body. To children it is admissible even less – no more than 10 %.

From time to time supervise a correctness of a bearing of the kid: if to take an elbow of the kid aside and to put a hand on the head, an ear, the shoulder and the middle of a foot should be at the same level.

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