Autumn games for kids

Autumn games for kids

Autumn – a time of tasty fruit and vegetables. But gifts of the nature not only only stuff us with useful vitamins and microcells – they bring us satisfaction. Confirmation to they be childish sports with… pumpkin! We will tell about 2 interesting outdoor games which will be pleasant to all children without an exception.

Pumpkin "bowling"

To you will be useful: empty plastic bottles and round pumpkin of the small size.

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In a spacious room or in a yard take away a platform under game (essentially that the floor was very smooth). From 10 empty 2-liter bottles create a triangle as in real bowling are there will be our size.

Each player should start in turn a pumpkin (it is our sphere for game), trying to bring down as much as possible bottles. At whom it will turn out to knock out all bottles one visible overcomes.

Pumpkin "hockey"

To you will be useful: 2 small round pumpkins and 2 sweepers. Game on two teams.

In a game room or on the street take away a place under "hockey" – chalk designate finish and start strips. Pumpkins put to the start line, hand over to each player from both teams on a sweeper.

On a signal "Began!" children should roll a pumpkin to the finish by means of a sweeper where they are expected by other participants. They transfer a sweeper, and already other person rolls a pumpkin to the finish.

That team which will return the first a pumpkin on an initial position will overcome.

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