New trend in medicine: pricks in G

New trend in medicine: pricks in G

In the West sharp growth of popularity of injections in so called point of G which should make sexy life more visible and saturated is noted. But specialists warn that as a result of this prick the effect probably will appear directly the return.

As the inventor of pricks in a point of G consider the plastic doctor and the gynecologist from Beverly Hills doctor David Matlock who convinces that found an easy method to make sexy life of the lady sharper and saturated, having increased the size of a point and, as a result, possibility of its bigger stimulation during sexual intercourse. The prick price in one of the most intimate zones of a body makes $800 – $1000. Injections of hyaluronic acid are carried out under local anesthesia. Voobshchem all this procedure pretty opposite and painful. It comprises a palpation, survey, introduction of a special mirror reflector which is necessary for inserting into a vagina etc.

About efficiency of pricks write in innumerable printing editions and in the Web. But doktor and scientists in weight own call idea of similar injections in question. After all effectiveness of pricks in a point of G is not proved by any fierce researches. It is more than that, certain specialists consider that injections will bring turnaround effect – sexy life of the lady will worsen.

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"I do not do similar injections, I do not support them and very much I doubt their efficiency, – the English cosmetic surgeon doctor Paul Banvell says. – We know nothing about probable side effects, like scarring or libido fall. And I would wish to go still further. I voobshchy have no conviction what exactly this point of G exists! For the proof of it there are no enough proofs – are carried out a minimum of severe research works. Yes, certain ladies own a sensitive zone in this area. But if someone does not have it, it at all does not mean that the lady will not test pleasure during sex or an orgasm".

Doctor Bansvell considers that even if to present existence of a point of G, hyaluronic acid injections all the same will not give hotimy effect. Let’s say that the point is a clot of the nervous terminations. They cannot be made more by means of a filler. Well and if the point of G is a ferruterous fabric, its subjects will not increase by means of a filer more. "It not scientifically, – says the expert. – Though what medical student knows that if to pull a flesh or skin, it becomes the least sensitive. Yes will simply grow dumb!"

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