Unusual types of sex without a pronikaniye

Unusual types of sex without a pronikaniye

Sex without a pronikaniye or, in terminology of sexologists, bespenetratsionny will help to be protected from diseases and unnecessary pregnancy. Such types of sex still are called eksternatny, in other words not connected with as a certain penetration of genitals.

Vserasprostranenny from eksternatny types of sex – manualny. This ublazheniye by means of hands of the partner. Many men who even not are not owning the corrupted relation to sex, adore to vary sexy entertainments by this type of sex. To the partner it is easy to make it, it is enough to realize, what movements, with what speed and force of pressing deliver more pleasure to the man. It not only only sex, well and improving procedure as there is a massage of the member as a result of which blood circulation is restored and grows sensitivity. It is possible to learn to do greatly massage of the member if to visit a respective master class.

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Next vserasprostranenny from eksternatny types of sex – mammologicheskiya. For this type of sex, and periodically and the necessary condition the big size of a breast at the partner is desirable. The partner takes pleasure, while rubs the member between breasts. At all this the lady can посиживать on a lap, and the man to face it. The pose when the lady lies is comfortable also, having clamped 2 breasts a man’s genital, and the man at all this посиживает on her chest section. In this type of sex it is recommended to use greasing in order to avoid opposite feelings. It is possible to vary mammologichesky sex oral if the member, passing between breasts, will get to a mouth to the partner.

Intrafemoralny sex – differs from ordinary vaginalny that the member rubs between densely close hips of the partner. These can be engaged, being ahead of the partner, also behind. Feelings at all this appear the various. Essentially at all this in a rush of passion not to pass to ordinary vaginalny sex. Development of intrafemoralny sex can become labiamazhorny if to rub the member not between hips of the partner, and between bolshenny sexual sponges. If to place the member between buttocks of the partner and at all this to make back and forth motions, it will be called as glyuteralny sex.

Probably readers already thought that be dependent on use of various parts of a body of feeling can various, as well as the process title. For example, if to use a nose, we will receive nazalny sex. Naturally, it does not say that the member it is necessary to place in a nostril of the partner. It is enough to rub them about nose wings. Aurikulyarny sex – receiving an ublazheniye by means of ears. Again, there is no need to push the tool in an auricle. For this purpose there is a beautiful place, it is placed behind an ear. Intrabialny sex is the back and forth motions made by the member, clamped between calves of the partner. If to clamp the member of boundaries ступнями – sex will be already interpedalny.

Not so by all means to clamp the member between certain parts of a body. It is possible to take pleasure, driving the member by certain parts of a body. Sex at all this also will be called differently. Trikhofilichesky sex when the member rubs about ladies’ hair is very pleasant to men. Feelings depend on features of a hairdress. In other words small "hedgehog" and longish ringlets – absolutely various trikhofilichesky sex. At vertebralny sex it is necessary to drive the member on hummocks of a backbone or on edges, and at femoralny – on a foot surface.
Also breynalny sex is known, or, speaking to ordinary words, – sex in a brain in literal understanding. It is aerobatics. As the discharge comes voobshchy without any touches, only means of certain thoughts and imaginations. Note: Sex with introduction of armpits of the partner about which it was told at first, is called as the axillary.


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