Scientists: in sex ladies

should dominate Scientists: in sex ladies

Specialists from Yale institute declared that in sexy life to dominants there should be a lady. Scientists made such conclusions, being based on long research works of intimate parameters about 500 people.

But, as specialists specify, female leadership in a bed bears fruit only till 29 years, people are more senior adhered to other representation. Earlier was registered that both workmates should aspire to that leadership was intercepted by the man, subordinated the lady for itself. That fact should amuse already matured and got hand in lady that the loved man to strive on it, conducts it on life, it becomes myagenky and appeasable in his hands and, eventually, submits his ox.

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Specialists from Yale institute disproved this inveterate myth in society, having interviewed 357 ladies and 126 young men at the age from 18 till 29 years and having found out that the most part of ladies feels in a bed at height when dominates over the man. When she takes a situation in hand, it lifts her self-image and forces the man to be proud of own partner.


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