The top of 10 options than to be engaged after sex

The top of 10 options than to be engaged after sex

After rough sex spiritual discussions, caresses, tenderness, kisses and embraces are always necessary to the lady. She should feel that is necessary to the man that it not simply used its weakness that it with it it is not simple because of obvious sex.

But as show the most part of research works, nearly 95 % of young men after sexual intercourse turn away and fill up. As it is ordinary, after all it is possible to miss and pass one of the basic moments in life when hands are weaved and incorporate not only only bodies, well and souls when anything be better cannot, as said by whisper "I love you", "You are necessary to me" and "To anybody you I will not give".

Than after all to be engaged after rough occupation by love if, naturally, sex happened not the deepest night and not at daybreak? We invented to you 10 options of beautiful pastime.

To have a look the film

Include the comedy or the drama, take pleasure in joint viewing. Love scenes will get – be not lost, do the same that you see on the display.

To take in common a shower

The excellent thought – after sex to run in common in a shower and to promote the friend the friend to wash. It is very erotic, lasky, carefully.

To have a talk heart-to-heart

Ladies adore ears, wish to hear compliments, дискуссировать affairs essential, to give to the partners of a praise – so why it not to make after sex? Such discussions even more pull together after love games.

To make it again

Have a rest after sex and… make it again! For what to stop on the reached? Improve the abilities and abilities, grant the friend the friend satisfaction and pleasure. After all than their is more, people are happier than subjects.

To put the joyful statuses in social networks

It is so cool – after sex to throw the entertaining statuses in the blogs and social networks, it is possible to photograph the pacified faces, after all after an orgasm all of us are magnificent.

To eat

Sex kindles appetite it it is clear all. Therefore prepare in common that-nibudt have a bite (naturally, in T-shirts or shirts on a nude body, and it is possible also naked).

To resemble

Sex and the freshest air is guarantee of beautiful mood and external shape. Therefore after love sports be engaged in pedestrian walks for the handle.

To be passed by the car

Not the bad decision – after sex to jump in the car, to include sonorous music and to be charmed here by that walk. It is possible to sing, enjoy the loved driver and to speak much.

To splash out energy

After sex periodically there is that lifting of actual forces and energy inflow that they are urgently necessary for putting somewhere. Therefore be engaged together in cleaning, descend on shopping, make a charging or go on fishing. Generally, do that delivers pleasure the friend the friend.

To play cards on desires

As option, play cards on the most sacred sexy desires and imaginations. When that case still will turn up?


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