Sex is done the person cleverer by

Sex is done the person cleverer by

Sex on a step of love does the person cleverer. The Italian scientists from Pavia institute managed to prove that sex has suitable impact on health of the person.

At being at a stage of love of the person of a nervishka grow more actively, on it ingenuity and speed of reaction grows, to those doing the person it is cleverer. During sex growth of number of cages specifically is stimulated in that part of a brain which is responsible for training and memory. Not including that, during sexual intercourse in a brain the strengthened inflow of suitable substances arrives.

The Italian scientists during own research took blood on the analysis from couples which втюрились at all so long ago, but already ran across to occupations by continuous sex. As comparison scientists took also blood from people who a long time lived in marriage, also at lonely people. At not so long ago loving couples growth of nervous cages povsevremenno was observed. The longer people lived in a place, the their growth became the least saturated.

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Makary, period more useful to a brain the 1st years of love when feelings between people are at peak are such. Scientists about an ublazheniye note that they managed to prove the next advantage of sex. It will favorably affect stress level, reducing it, instead of including that, it has positive impact on a brain. For example, at the pop idol Madonna who always recognized the impetuous love to sex, the factor of reason is equal 140 that similar to level of IQ of the beautiful person.

Earlier it was established that the stress and a depression do the smallest volume of area of a brain which is responsible for training and memory – гиппокампа. Physical exercises and sex, on the contrary, increase it.

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