What to do, if the man does not wish sex?

What to do, if the man does not wish sex?

You got acquainted with the astounding guy, you already had even some appointments, on last of which you let’s realize clearly, what not against to invite the new boy friend to for yourself home to a cup of coffee and even more …

But, to the chagrin, all your hints remained unnoticed. At all this you understand that are pleasant to the man. So in what after all business? It is not necessary to a meeting to thrash on own self-image. You is delightful are beautiful and are at random sexual. But there is a number of events on which the man can not wish sex. Sex voobshchy, instead of it is direct with you.

Sexologists allocate two main preconditions, explaining absence at young men of a sexual inclination to the lady: pathology and pathological condition. In what a difference? Pathology – the phenomenon invariable, and a pathological condition – a result of influence of any events, at which disappearance desire of sex with the lady ворачивается and even a storitsa. Let’s dwell upon each reason. Perhaps, you find an explanation why at you "is not glued" with your man.


At all so long ago geneticists drew a conclusion that level of a sexy inclination of the man at gene level is programmed. And at each man the aaplet – powerful, average and weak. At what in weak group in addition allocate a strong, average and weak link. So here, the weak link is deprived of a sexy inclination the voobshchy. Thank God that such young men 3 % are only. At all this representatives of this link as it is surprising, look simply perfectly and тревожут imagination of many ladies.

Council: Reconcile and do not try to break a situation. Here you can promote nothing to own friend. Mother could promote in teenage age if just right would see differences and would take away the kid on consultation to the endocrinologist.

Terrible education

Lack of an inclination to sex can be explained also by sex appeal oppression at children’s age. Such usually occurs, if in a family adhere to Puritan principles of education when the enthusiasm to a return floor equals to a mortal sin. Periodically the precondition can be and long stay of the kid in the unisex environment – a military college, for example. In this case at young men not only the enthusiasm to the lady is only lost, but homosexuality can develop even. Owing to moral installations of the man are released to recognize in itself such feature and very much try to make affairs with the lady. At certain leaves, and certain after many years of tortures are given and realize the undercover desires.

Council: find out from own new boy friend, whether is he the graduate of suvorovsky school or whether the native it from a family of religious fans. If yes, that at you is not enough chances of surprising sex.

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Now about pathological conditions. Very quite often men at whom never was troubles with "it", during the most fascinating moment lose desire. «Impotent man?» – you will think. Absolutely not, all is simple in life not how it would be desirable. Sexologists allocate a number of events which are capable to lower a libido actually each man.

Nervous breakdown, depression

Now not enough whom you will surprise with superfluous load on work – delivery failure, receivables, breakage of the equipment and mass of other troubles cause a nervous tension of which it is heavy to get rid.

Council: help own man to relax. Perhaps, will simply listen to it even if to you it is not curious enough, and you realize nothing. Besides, nobody cancelled weakening baths and erotic massages.


There is a number of diseases which influence man’s force – sweet diabetes, alcoholism, a sclerosis, difficulties with urinogenital system.

Council: find out, whether your elect is lazy to be engaged in healing though what of the listed diseases. Continuous inspection and reception of suitable pharmaceutical means keep a tight rein on an illness «», and they do not influence in any way a libido of the man. Certain even consider that continuous sex substitutes reception of medicines.

Shortage of sexy power

Your workmate has no violations of sexual function, but a question what not always to it hunting to embody in the sexy plan? Then it, maybe, representative of a strong and average link of weak sexy group.

Council: this man is not hopeless, as a weak link. To promote it it is possible the unique method – as it is possible more often to provoke to have sex. In sex with it as in sports – only continuous trainings fix results.

Big age difference

It is seen that in the course of time at young men the desire of sex is miniaturized. "There is no fool like an old fool" – only the superfluous proof to this statement: the man tries to prove to itself that he still wishes and can.

Council: if you are truly interested in the relations with the man is more senior than yourself, do not overload it in the sexy plan. Let sex will be the most rare, but make it being remembered and visible.

Temporary discrepancy

Completely can be that absence of desire is caused simply by any internal crisis, experiences or disappointment in what or.

Council: do not try to learn, in what business. Yes the partner also will not share is his deeply personal experience. Simply wait. And most important council: do not hurry up to hang up on the man a label of the impotent man. Help it to understand in itself, and he will answer you with spotless and tender feeling which willingly will support with resolute actions in a bed.

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