How many once a week it is necessary to have sex?

How many once a week it is necessary to have sex?

Specifically this question quite often disturbs. If we have a lot of sex, we reflect on, whether it if strongly it is not enough of it – the same will damage: whether its defect influences our health.

Sexologists of the whole world say – both men, and ladies should make love 5 times a week. This best number of sexual intercourses which help out young men from a cancer of a prostate, and I will give – from depressions.

At all this it is necessary for all, naturally to consider physical data of lovers – age, weight, existence of different diseases, also character.

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In principle, proceeding from everything listed above, also it is necessary to define to itself number of sexual intercourses in a week. If to you hunting much also it is long – please, not hunting – do not force itself. In particular quite often hunting of sex to inhabitants of the southern areas, those who lives in the north – quite often not before sex.

Remember that sex will help you to get rid of disgusting mood, depressions, spots, wrinkles, cellulitis, sleeplessness, will increase immunity and self-image, eventually.

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