«Fifty flowers gray»: and what color your passion?

«Fifty flowers gray»: and what color your passion?

The edition «Gray» the English writer of E.L.James can be called fifty flowers safely the most prestigious female book of 2012 on open spaces of the CIS. In the Britain ladies without exception became engrossed in reading of this erotic novel in the 2011th, we had to expect transfer for the Russian whole year. Than after all the book «So charmed fifty flowers gray» (Fifty Shades of Grey) audience and how could break all conceivable and unimaginable records of sales in the homeland? What after all so hooked on the reader – successful public relations or a unique and standing plot with a claim for the highest love and a sensuality?

About the creator and her creation

For a start some words about the writer. Under the pseudonym E.L.James Eric Leonard’s 49-year-old English housewife hides. The ordinary average lady who long since lives with the spouse and has two adults of the otprysky. Both itself Eric, and her spouse – people creative therefore to invent different plots for it not in a wonder, and on an old age of years the lady decided or to open to the world the run wild imaginations, or a little to depict the with the spouse marriage life. Naturally, Leonard about it does not say and that the book was created not About the spouse, and FOR the spouse, in other words, such grant for itself for reflection to the spouse at a leisure hints only. According to the writer, her adult sons «did not read the novel, and thank God», and it is true: there is no need children to know that occurs in a parental bedroom or will occur still if the father appears it is ready to those tests which were depicted in the book by mother.

Working as the assistant at school of television and the administrator at TV, the lady thought that to it became boring both this activity, and people surrounding it, and from there was nothing to do to compose фанфик to Stefaniya Mayer’s well-known "Twilight". Literary works which are created by adorers on the basis of already known creation are called as specifically this word, at all this on noncommercial base, and it is simple as to them hunting of other plot or more fascinating ending. Eric Leonard under the pseudonym Snowqueens Icedragon started to have at forums and blogs of fanatics of the twilight saga fragments of own work Master of the Universe, and they conceived unusual furor.

Already at own fans who achieved new portions of the most interesting novel appeared Leonardo. And here the lady lit up: it in a condition to make, unique, work, and "Twilight" will "have a rest" near that history which she invented. And left. It changed names of heroes, added in a plot of hard sex, and the novel «Fifty flowers gray» became the blockbuster, is now translated into 30 languages, and E.L.James is included by Time magazine in the kazhdogodny list of «100 most influential people of the world».

«Fifty flowers gray»: and what color your passion?

«Fifty flowers gray» became the first part the thought Erica to the trilogy «Fifty shades» which also included editions «On 50 flowers more darkly» and «Fifty flowers of freedom».

About a plot

Novel plot kozyrny, not worn out, with a vyvalivaniye outside of many human "cockroaches", imaginations and skeletons from shifaner. Naturally, there is a love which here lies in plane BDSM-otnosheny, sacrifice and understanding of how far we can enter in own emotions, on what are ready to go for the sake of the loved person and where there is a side between pain and pleasure. Actually, all what does not suffice to children, to housewives, lonely ladies and those who already is married many years, and sex happens two times a year.

Need for charming love – that which is described in the book and which so does not suffice to much in the life, here the 1st factor of paradox of luck of the edition. Remember "Twilight"? Vampire Edward met ordinary lady Bella, втюрился, offered the habits, a way of life, own essence, eventually, and it accepted its such what it is, exchanged everything that had, on eternity with it, passed through after that usually already love do not wish. To "Twilight" million teenagers – at their age pleasantly to dream of SUCH feeling reached. Though, as well as for what reached for them in so mature years and, being in happy marriage, Eric Leonard – till this moment remains a riddle.

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But she thought up a plot not more awfully: the 19-year-old student Anasteysha Steel will of option meets 27-year-old billionaire Christian Greem. She interviews it, here falls in love, and, apparently, it loves it. Late it becomes clear that the mistress, but not usual is only necessary to it, and that which will absolutely submit in a bed and out of it, will sign a certain contract on such relations that will bind hand and foot of her, will be only sabmissivy, Saba, silent and unsympathetic. It forever remains the winner, to dominants, the fan of BDSM, hard sex, a flogging and discipline.

«Fifty flowers gray»: and what color your passion?

But there is "nakladochka" – for the first time in own life imperative Mr. Heat falls in love, at all this to this awkward and inexperienced student virgin, and his life goes wrong way: Anasteysha Steel takes control of all his ideas and actions, is released to sign the contract, he knows it, from where at it such corrupted bents, and she agrees on sex with submission. It appears, it had a heavy childhood, his prostitute mother was lost, it too did not go almost behind it, the boy was helped out by the doctor Heat, which left it and adopted.

The young man grew closed and rowdy-dowdy, in 15 years he was tempted by the adult lady who opened to it BDSM world. More no other sex in Christian’s life existed. Anasteysha Steel and Christian Grey understand that adore the friend to the friend, but the lady very much suffers from that pain which to it is caused by the loved man, and even more that cannot give it for that he longs and to what got used – complete submission, patience of the run wild tortures. The novel terminates in the decision of the maiden to leave with Is heated.

By the way, why specifically Heat (with English gray – grayish)? As the model for it Dorian Gray – the fine, sexy and guilty hero of work of Oscar Wilde "The Picture of Dorian Gray" obviously served. And still: not enough who remembers, but in 2001 on screens there was Stephen Sheynberg’s South American film "Secretary" with James Speyder and Maggie Dzhillenkhol in the main roles. The head hero boss in it too called It is heated, he was a sadist, and his secretary – the masochist. Joyful there was a tandem, with floggings on a desktop, masturbation in a lunch break and, naturally, all this was accompanied by the highest feeling. Mr. Heat at E.L.James – the faultless man with a smart exterior, a heap of means, grayish eyes, wears a grayish tie – in the long term specifically to them it will tie hands to Anasteysh Steel during sexy joys.


It is clear, as snow-white day that in the novel is a lot of brightest erotic scenes: from Anasteysha’s deprivation of virginity to a flogging a lash under music, from a cocksucking to a rigid petting in public. And already a factor of popularity of the book number two – the public novel about nonconventional sex, the general hobby for something shameful, unacceptable for society, an embodiment in life of the concealed imaginations, sonorous conversation on on what it is not accepted to tell it aloud, –
it of us too very much does not suffice to much in daily life.

We are afraid to frighten off the workmate the ideas, we do not risk to share imaginations, we are afraid of osuzhdeniye, but wild desire посиживает снутри, gnaws and … asks on will. Not in vain sexologists and even sexopathologists started to register to the clients reading this book, it is very well reflected in a matrimony. Families, practising the intimate pieces described in it, adjusted the sexy life, and were even such which decided not to get divorced.

The novel «Fifty flowers gray» specifically in the middle of ladies of average years for whom sex will be or routine became very popular, or already is absent at all. The novel even received definition «a mother’s porno». "Mother’s" not "mother’s", and everyone who read the book, considers a duty to experiment in a bed with the partner. It not always are lashes, struts and stacks, but handcuffs, a bandage on eyes and a two-three of different vibrators, usually, in the sex shop are bought. Dealers of shops of intimate products note that with mad popularity of the novel realization BDSM-inventarya grows also, and in the main thing it is received by ladies. It and is clear, therefore as men cannot read the book – maintain a maximum of pages 15.

«Fifty flowers gray»: and what color your passion?

"Is boring", uninteresting", is tasteless" – so stronger sex describes Fifty Shades of Grey, but at random rejoices, when ladies show an initiative in a bed, are ready on experiences, demand to connect and even to punish, in a word, show all the 50 flowers. Here during such moments of the man are very grateful Eric Leonard, at all this so that ask, when there is the subsequent part of the trilogy with new "guide to action". «On 50 flowers is more dark» already in Ukraine. Find and define, what color specifically your passion.

Founder: Liana Voynarovsky

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