Scientists christened the best day for sex

Scientists christened the best day for sex

English scientists learned, it is possible to consider what day as the best for sex. Thursday appeared them.

As researchers explain, it is connected with that in this day of week the human body makes sexy hormones more intensively. In particular level of sexy activity of people Thursday afternoon when level of production of testosterone at young men and an estrogen at ladies grows practically in 5 times is high.

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In пн scientists advise on ability to avoid stresses and to work from at home, instead of from an office. At first weeks possibility to earn a heart attack grows for 20 % that almost in everything is connected with the use of alcohol drinks during week-end. By data соц polls, about 40 % of respondents call пн in less productive afternoon. Friday was recognized in the best afternoon for this purpose to throw to smoke. Nevertheless, scientists advise not to make basic decisions at the end of the working week.

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