Sexy dependence recognized as a psikhrasstroystvo

Sexy dependence recognized as a psikhrasstroystvo

The South American scientists from the Californian institute established that invariable the desire of proximity and thought on sex can be psychological frustration.

Psychiatrists gathered group of volunteers which divided into two: what, on their view, already had visible psychological frustration on the sexy soil, and "ordinary".

Scientists managed to learn that frequent sexual contacts can and not to be the diagnosis, it can testify, for example, to hyper sexuality of the person. And here to resort to sex during a depression, to "cure" them various diseases, to put it above all other desires and values is already "call" for the psychiatrist.

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Doctors say that healthy people completely can regulate the sexual requirements and if cannot splash out the sexy energy, they are engaged in sublimation.

Specialists decided that sexy dependence or hyper sexual frustration needs to be brought in diagnostic and statistical management on mentality frustration.

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