Unprotected sex serves for ladies as an energizer

Unprotected sex serves for ladies as an energizer

The South American scientists from Institute of staff of New-york carried out research and learned that sexual intercourse without protection is an energizer for ladies of own sort.

In experience accepted a role about 300 students. They answered different questions касаемо own sexy life: as and their men are protected, how many a week they have once sex and whether it is possible to call their intimate life of a constant

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Earlier scientists noted that man’s sperm contains chemical substances, which increase attachment of lovers (the cortisol and oxytocin), cheer up (эстрон), are responsible for a condition tranquillity (melatonin) and pleasures (тиролиберин and серотонин). All this "set", according to scientists, has every chance not simply to deduce the lady from a depression condition, well and to make rather happy.

Their hypotheses confirmed results of research. According to the acquired conclusions, maidens who make love to partners without a condom and are fond of oral sex, pull out also a gloomy condition more quickly, moreover – they at all are not exposed to them.

And here those ladies who have no contact to sperm of young men, appeared as are subject both to a depression, and neurosises, how many and ladies at whom sexual life absolutely is absent.

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