Thoughts on sex increase working capacity by 20 %

Thoughts on sex increase working capacity by 20 %

Thoughts on sex provoke emission of hormones in blood that leads to increase in mood, pleasure, inflow of forces, energy and brings all systems of a human body into a tone.

It finally leads to increase in endurance, work capacity and commitment. To such conclusion the Korean researchers who have interrogated about 2 thousand respondents (young men came and ladies), a half from which in his course accepted photos «for adults». After demonstration of pictures by the experimental suggested to be wrung out from a floor.

Were wrung out as well those to whom special photos did not show. It appeared that those persons whom pictures with photomodels let’s have a look, on the average for 20 % could be wrung out more, than those who was deprived of that demonstration.

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At all this, photos «for adults» showed both to men, and ladies. Therefore sexy thoughts influence both floors idiyentichno.

These are the Korean scientists explain emission in blood of a number of hormones, beginning from a cortisol and finishing so called hormones of a stress which bring an organism into combat readiness and promote inflow of forces, write zabugorny mass media.

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