What to do, if the man has a big dick?

What to do, if the man has a big dick?

For certain, девчачьи a sit-round gathering does not pass any without discussions about man’s advantage, at all this in a joke or is serious almost not essentially what the 2nd states desire to oversleep with the owner of the member of the vpechatlayushchy size. Quite often even prewedding hen nights pass with classical dances of a brawny striptizer in which swimming trunks rather big member is looked through. Though, why it is looked through? Periodically dancers whom probably is than повытрепываться, remove from themselves all clothes and execute erotic naked dances. Here then ladies with a sinking heart look at these playboys and by all means dream of sex with the "real" man.

But those maidens who have an experience of "communication" with owners of giant members, know, how the proximity with them is specific. Having adapted, it is possible to fly from coils from pleasure, and here without having representation that after all this such, is simple to injure soul and a body similar sex. Gaps and hematomas of a vagina, vulvar lips, necks of a uterus, a zadneprokhodny opening – whether it is necessary to continue to say about what consequences can have inaccurate and hard sex with the man with the bolshushchy member? All these traumas it is very long heal, and certain even demand surgical intervention. The erection of the huge member often is not long-term, his owner from time to time when совладевает with an early ejaculation, well and voobshchy it in any way cannot be called the superlover.

To the world the name of the man with the 34-centimetric member who, vobshchy, proved the turnaround is clear. John Falkon masterfully practises music and plays in pornofilms, gives lectures and participates in various photoshoots. Specifically it has a reputation for the owner of the bigger member in the world and the faultless lover giving to ladies true esthetic, and physiological pleasure by unusual "instrument of labor".

What to do, if the man has a big dick?

What to consider bolshushchy?

We got used to consider what size of the member bolshushchy? Usually, the member from 20 cm at length already big and to address with it it is necessary skillfully and аккуратненько. By the way, specifically this minimum needs to be had to the actors, dreaming to get to films for adults.

Sex rules

If to you has the luck (instead of on another!) to get acquainted with the man with the member of the known size, remember some rules which will promote you completely to take pleasure with it in sex and not to feel discomfort.

Use strongly a lot of greasing – be reserved in the sex shop by lubrikant. Natural greasing too plays huge role therefore preparatory caresses should surpass in time in times duration of sexual intercourse with penetration. Besides, at all this walls of a vagina become very elastic and elastic that helps to accept without serious consequences in itself the giant.

The vagina has property to be stretched in reply to pressure put upon it. It means that is capable to train ladies the intimate muscles so that the big dick got into it without serious consequences and gave inexpressible feelings. For this purpose do Kegel’s exercises and треньтесь on big toys from the sex shop. If the man cannot keep control of depth of a pronikaniye in the partner, it is recommended to use special rings and nozzles on the member which just and limit force of his friktsiya.

It is necessary to choose poses at what both workmates again can keep control of frequency and force of movements during sexual intercourse. It can be a missionary position, doggi-stayl, lying on one side, the lady from above and others.

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As to zadneprokhodny and oral sex with the owner vpechatlayushchy man’s pluses, we will note that this subject is very delicate, personal and… it is painful. The man during an orgasm aspires to enter more deeply into the partner, and the mouth and a zadneprokhodny opening, to put it mildly, are not adapted for it, unlike a vagina. Therefore councils will be the subsequent – to choose those poses which will cause a small loss to female health and, naturally, absolutely to keep control of process, not to forget about available threat even during the moments of strong passion. And still use as much as possible greasing during zadneprokhodny sex and hold a hand the member of the workmate at oral contact not to allow a deep pronikaniye.

And next – обговаривайте all this together, consult, defined, choose poses, toys, read special literature and be charmed by with what you were presented by the nature.

What to do, if the man has a big dick?

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