Contraceptives do ladies jealous

Contraceptives do ladies jealous

Researches of the hormones containing in contraceptive pills, showed: they do ladies by more suspicious, forcing to hesitate povsevremenno in fidelity of own partners.

The Dutch psychologists from Institute of Stirlinga interrogated 275 ladies who told as they trust the partners. Ladies also told that they feel, seeing as their man flirts with other lady and as they are concerned prospect that the partner leaves them for the sake of another, also estimated the appeal.

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All participants of poll, whose age was from 17 to 35 years, on the last measure, within 3 months prior to the beginning of research used different contraceptive pills. Results of research proved: the estrogen dose in contraceptives was higher, the more jealous there were ladies using them.

Scientists consider that, choosing contraceptive, ladies should consider their impact on emotions. In the middle of other side effects of contraceptives, on view of professionals, – sociability fall, change of preferences in a choice of young men and even increase in reason.

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