What to do, if the man has a small member?

What to do, if the man has a small member?

In ladies’ discussions often there is a man’s advantage of the impressing sizes. The maidens which elects cannot повытрепываться the bolshushchy member, usually, keep mum. There is a question – why this subject for ladies is so painful?

Not so it is basic for young men – they reconciled or do all probable that their "boys" grew, and here for ladies – all opposite. Naturally, the big size is perceived, as a sign of physical force and pluses. Well and it is even less possible to coexist with the member perfectly, after all really the main thing – not length, and ability to dispose of it.

If you in own sexy practice faced the owner of the malekhanky member, you need to study so called «the instruction on application». And if this person of vpribavka not the obvious lover, and still the beloved and the loving person, learn by heart our golden rules of behavior. The main thing – do not aggravate a complex of the beloved. In your forces let’s to it feel itself as the real hero lover.

Rule 1st

Never and at all do not specify to it for the small size. In an anger rush you can click: «Yes you with the small member and for nothing are not necessary to me!» Further you forget about scandal, but he remembers your words, they offended him and offended. Jokes concerning its sizes too are better for throwing at for itself.

Rule 2nd

Be not overzealous with compliments, which you use to increase his self-image. It is not necessary to exclaim every time at the sight of his member: «Ah, what it big!» It will look with captation, and again at level of thoughts the man will be ворачиваться to the sizes of own member.

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Rule third and basic

Love each part of a body of own elect regardless of the size and a form. Then you should not invent any methods of a raising of his self-image. Everything will turn out naturally.

There are some fascinating facts with which you can acquaint the beloved:

1. In almost all cases of the man consider own member small unfairly: the sizes of the small member fluctuate from 8 to 10 cm, the member is considered more than 10 cm an average.

2. In Old Greece specifically small phallus was esteemed. Aristotle wrote: «Small penises more злачны because sperm should overcome the smallest distance».

3. According to the last researches, 20 % of Spaniards have not simply small penis, and a micropenis which is not surpassing 7 see. And after all it is a civilization about which sexy force legends walk!

And now about suitable poses

Whether it is necessary to say about those advantages which expect you during zadneprokhodny or oral sex with the owner of a small penis? For certain, no because during these moments you will be grateful to it for specifically those proportions of body which it has. As the statistics testifies, specifically men with small penises can повытрепываться by such miracles of a cunnilingus to which many playboys grow and grow.

As to ordinary sex, as they say, to you and cards in hands, more precisely, poses at which the member very deeply filters into the lady and allows it not to feel deprived or unsatisfied. The best positions in this case it is possible to consider, when the lady from above and when partners посиживают to each other as the person. As sexologists say, they allow the small member to rest straight against G point that will strengthen pleasure and even will force to test some orgasms a poporyadka.

How still the man can fill shortage of desired cm? In – 1-x, it is possible to get in the sex shop a nozzle on the member who will develop it and will give to the partner additional stimulation. Both lovers usually remain very satisfied. Also buy a lubrikant who allows a vagina to become very narrow, – at the expense of a friction you will reach an orgasm in the shortest lines. And still – strive on that your man became the virtuoso in manualny stimulation of a vagina, an anus and a clitoris. A type of sex with application of fingers of hands call a fingering, and here in an opening of the lady of several fingers or a fist it is accepted to call introduction a fisting. All these "manipulations" completely substitute to the lady ordinary sex and even very much diversify intimate life.

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