Top of 10 taboos in a bed

Top of 10 taboos in a bed

In the intimate plan each of us too has the personal place invasion in which threatens with the spoiled relations. What things and why it is not necessary to do in a bed with the beloved, find below.

To be till the end of frank

Having good sex, passion and love, apparently, that can spoil nothing this idyll. Here therefore partners, lying after sexual intercourse and examining a ceiling, often start to extort each other about the former hobbies. It is not necessary to do it because later this information yet time will emerge during scenes of jealousy and even small scandals. Never ask the man about his mistresses and are silent about own men.

To brag of number of the former lovers

Obvious desire to fill for itself cost, having remembered about number of the former boyfriends, can play with you a malicious joke. The partner probably will not forget about the heard figure, after all men so hunting to be the first and the best, and in any way 20 the fifth or to close the list from a hundred part of people. If your partner energetically is interested your former, tell that there was one severe novel, or simply casually note that you had some young man, but at present you met the true happiness – in other words it.

To water gryazyuky the former

Do not take in a habit to say about own former men of nasty thing in the presence of own today’s young person. In an unpleasant case at it at least two thoughts can seem – «it is enticed by one moral freaks» or «the same it will precisely say in case of ours with it quarrels». Therefore forget about all who was to your latest love and be charmed by that have.

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To laugh in a bed without the precondition

Yes, specifically so: on another it will think that you not in ecstasy from the sizes of his penis or you its figure does not arrange. Wish to have a laugh with happiness or it is simple that you have not a bad mood – remember in common amusing story or the ridiculous story better. On another, having scrolled something amusing in own head and without having shared it with the man, you risk it to offend and generate in his consciousness complexes. To prove later that you laughed not from it, it will be heavy.

To pose as the sex guru

To put on airs before intimacy by the sexy abilities, and later to disappoint the workmate – and you will look in his eyes at least silly. Крючить from itself the pornoactress too it is not necessary – men do not adore such ladies, they are fascinating them for the time being. For the first time to try with the new lover in a bed those tricks which you contemplated in films for adults, too it is not recommended. The man can be disappointed or is simple have a laugh over the seen.

To be fond of sex toys

The similar fetish without coordination with the partner can offend it. It has the right to think, what not совладевает, and you look for the candidate. Many men note what to bring in a bed different adaptations from the sex shop and intensively them only the vicious lady can use that often generates also an inferiority complex in the man, and disappointment in the lady.

To use a physical abuse

Do not scratch, do not bite, do not leave traces from kisses on his body, after all it only on the screen looks sexy, in life all opposite. Zasosa and a tsarapinka colleagues, ancestors, friends can behold and someone simply molchky will smile and will be glad for your sexy life, and someone will not miss ability to pin up and not always kindly. Besides, such mutilations it is long heal and to partners bring discomfort.

To be silent

The lady who does not show any feelings, becomes to the man uninteresting, be it the most charming in the world. If at it does not leave yet to finish you to an orgasm, it does not mean that is necessary to keep silent: nobody says that it is necessary to represent passion and to shout, but ахи and sighs should be present. On another – the man loses a self-confidence and in you.

Дискуссировать available difficulties

Under no circumstances do not transfer to a bed all the disorders, difficulties, the conflicts to friends and employees. The bed is a place for two, and another in it places are not present, even in discussions and ideas.

It is bad to smell

The bad smell can forever beat off at it desire to be engaged with you love. After all specifically the smell is one of making sympathy for the partner, hobbies for it, passions. By all means before sex take a shower, do not abuse perfume, and remember that men adore a natural smell.

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