Mutual masturbation: councils and poses

Mutual masturbation: councils and poses

To vary sexy life, be engaged with the partner in mutual masturbation. It can serve as a prelude to sex or to be independent intimate game – for example, with the stuck eyes. All this depends only on the imagination of lovers.

That type of sex will seem to much very shameful, but if you truly trust the friend the friend, that in it is not present anything. Mutual masturbation is considered special art of love. She is capable to present to lovers new feelings, to deduce their affairs on new level, also to reward them multiple orgasms.

Use toys

If you masturbate hands, change strategy and use at all this any toys from the sex shop is concerns as I will give, and the young man.

Replace ordinary time

If you got used to be engaged in masturbation in the afternoon, reserve this occupation for the evening and on the contrary. A little change the habits, it will positively affect your game. The same with a place: did it in a bath, now it is possible to arrange mutual self-satisfaction in a bedroom.

Additional preconditions

In this game it is possible to use everything that gets you – the pornofilm, passionate music, a requisite from shop for adults, афродизиаки.

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How to deliver pleasure to the partner?

That the lady tested the most powerful orgasm, only it is necessary for lover to move truly fingers and a palm. The ledge on palms can provide saturated pressure upon a pubis while the forefinger will make progress round a clitoris. The partner should move at this time a basin and movements of a man’s hand should coincide with its rhythm. Not including that, the man can move apart sexual sponges of the lady, enter own forefinger into a vagina, and a small pillow huge to provoke at all this a clitoris.

How to deliver pleasure to the partner?

Clasp a palm the member of the man below a head, at all this having removed an extreme flesh as it is possible further but that to it it was not sick. Slide a hand on the member, but from time to time change the movements and even hands that the man was not bothered by monotony and it did not feel of pain. A free hand at all this stroke a scrotum.

One of the most frank poses at mutual masturbation that at which the person faces a mirror is considered, another becomes behind it and does all above-mentioned, watching it in a mirror. It very much gets, and partners promptly achieve pleasure peak.

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