Pluses and minuses of masturbation

Pluses and minuses of masturbation

About masturbation, an onanism or self-satisfaction to people clearly long since. Such method of a relax it is mentioned in the Bible: in the Ancient Precept the shepherd Onon silly spent a divine seed (« … spilled a seed on the earth») and was punished as one of huge sinners. Specifically from a nickname of the shepherd this way of a merit of sexy pleasure and also prevails the literary title – an onanism.

In self-satisfaction were engaged in Old Rome and Greece, at all this also applied sexy toys and even did masturbation schools. The situation exchanged during an era of wars when mortality started to surpass birth rate. Young men obliged to impregnate ladies, having refused an onanism, for disobedience they were expected by terrible punishment.

At present it is quite often possible to hear that the onanism is pathology which does not equal nearly to alcoholism or drug addiction. Ancestors it стращают also say kids about impartial consequences of that hobby. But frig practically all without an exception, simply many do not say about it aloud. Let’s make out real pluses and minuses of that way of a relaxation.


From minuses it is possible to note that the onanism is a habit, and as all habits, it can be shown unconsciously, in public, to be characterized by unexpected desire. It is necessary to fight with it by all means and if to frig, behind the closed door. Not including that, it is not necessary to substitute for masturbation the real affairs and sex with the partner and if it happens, it is necessary to sail away to the sexopathologist is already a deviation.


Naturally, the first pluses of masturbation it is possible to call quick removal of sexy tension and guaranteed dostavleny pleasures most for itself. And in pleasure as it is clear, it is not recommended to refuse. In – 2-x, this process helps to study better the body, its reaction to different touches, to reveal at itself new erogenous zones. As well as real sex, masturbation perfectly совладевает with a depression, a stress, a rage, annoyance and simply bad mood. After self-satisfaction, as well as after sexual intercourse, people dozes better, it is promoted by emission in blood of a hormone of happiness.

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Sexopathologists recommend to be engaged in an onanism to men who suffer from a raneshny ejaculation, to ladies – at frigidity and an anorgazmiya, also register it to married couples which complain about difficulties in a bed.

Masturbation has property to vary intimate life of partners – during preparatory ласк, role-playing games, joint poglazhivaniye of genitals.

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