Three myths about preferences I will give in sex

Three myths about preferences I will give in sex

There is an outlook, that ladies adore in sex and that is not present. In fact actually all from written and said – nezapyatanny water an invention. Check itself.

What most of all it is pleasant to ladies in a man’s body, and what them pushes away? For example, what their relation to hair on hands, feet and a breast? Modern advertizing and mass media show smooth man’s bodies. But, existence of hair on a man’s body is enough nice and renders useful effect on representatives of a charming half.

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The next myth – ladies are very anxious with length of a penis. Nevertheless, many of them do not consider this feature basic. The research which has been carried out in Holland, showed that only 1 % of the interrogated ladies admitted that the length of a man’s genital "is very important" for them. For 20 % of participants of poll this sign is simply important. 22 % say that it absolutely besprintsipialno, and 55 % say that length of a penis беспринципиальна.

And a little about an orgasm. Polls in the middle of ladies show that many ladies during sex do not set the purpose to receive an orgasm. To them the feelings tested during occupation by love at first are important: happiness, passion, imaginations, erotic feelings.

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