Intramammarny sex: equipment and safety

Intramammarny sex: equipment and safety

Intramammarny sex – so is called sexual intercourse without a pronikaniye of boundaries грудьми ladies. Stimulation of a penis of the man is carried out by friktsiya between mammary glands of the partner. At all this the lady can compress a breast and even to connect this type of sex to a cocksucking.

On the 1st look – everything is very simple. But this type of sex asks a certain skill not to injure the partner, the member povsevremenno did not slip out, and the lady too took pleasure from the events.

Soon this type of sex became very fashionable because it is propagandized by films for adults. Pornoactors call ejaculation process on a breast of the partner "a pearl necklace" – the picture very much remembers an ornament. As sexologists say, sex between mammary glands is fetishism, love and and passion of young men to a big female breast.


Sex between a breast by all means asks additional, artificial, greasings for oral sex, secretions from the member will be insufficiently. The its is more, the member will be easier to slide, you will have less attritions, and it will be more pleasant to the partner. True "gourmets" quite often in common with greasing use cream, after all the member is very close to a mouth of the lady and in this case intramammarny sex can be connected to the oral. Remember that oil, ordinary greasing and creams can use provided that the lady will not do to the man a cocksucking, on another these means do not apply.


The owner both a big breast, and malekhanky should help to the man to make friktsiya, compressing a breast hands that he felt narrowness. If a breast big, the lady can and not squeeze her, the partner will adapt itself, and it can humour at this time his buttocks, a foot, a back.

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Small breast

Usually ladies with the small size of a breast are released from intramammarny sex, motivating with the refusal by that the man will test nothing. Anything similar, owners of a malekhanky breast have pluses: they can enjoy this type of sex because the nervous terminations which were on their breast take place closer to skin. The small breast needs to be compressed so that to the partner was comfortable" to move between it, or it will be done by him, and the lady – to provoke at this time hands it the sliding member. Well and if the partner can повытрепываться in impressing size of the member, connect sex between a breast and oral caresses.

Remember that this type of sex – the excellent candidate classical if on though to what reasons you cannot be engaged in it (pregnancy, a sexual infection, preparation for delivery of analyses etc.). It will save you from unnecessary pregnancy and STD infection.

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