Top of 5 mans mistakes at oral sex

Top of 5 mans mistakes at oral sex

Usually, without oral sex any sexual intercourse does not manage. Preparatory caresses begin with it, sex can and terminate in it. Quite often we not so much test pleasure because as the beloved does us a cunnilingus, how many we suffer from this process, after all certain men still would need to read books and to practise, earlier, than to start to create in a bed true miracles.

Ladies allocate 5 main mistakes of young men at oral sex and to reduce them it is possible to the subsequent пт.

Quite often men clasp sponges and crawl language on everything that will get – to a clitoris, bolshushchy and small vulvar lips. They bite, suck and pull the sponges everything in turn or to a meeting in common. Such minutes to ladies hunting to cry out from pain instead of to shout from pleasure. Therefore rebuke the beloved and ask lasky to humour your intimate place, evenly passing from one area to another.

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Mistake of young men at a cunnilingus number two – a motaniye the head. For some reason or other many lovers consider a duty to humour a clitoris and sexual sponges of the lady language, at all this also to rub about their nose or to thrust it into a vagina, not to shun to pass a two-three of times own bristle up to crotches. All these acts are accompanied by deep nods of the head, set a rhythm, so to speak. In fact from them pleasure, it strongly there is not enough quicker torture or sex for masochists. Tell to the lover what to twist the head on everything 360 грудусов and причмакивать it is unessential, it is possible to work slightly with language and sponges, without introducing discomfort in intim.

The 3rd miss – to suck a clitoris that there are forces. Men reflect, the better they pull it, twist, rub and suck, the to us more abruptly. Is not present and again there is no it is sick, at all this very much. Therefore it is necessary to explain popularly to the partner that the clitoris is not that place over which it is necessary to arrange such rigid experiences. He very much loves tenderness and caress, poglazhivaniye, touches – language, fingers, feathers.

The next point here – to humour you language and to sentence, at all this to do it "with the filled mouth". One business lasky to touch to your erogenous zones and a heavy voice to say exciting things, and another – to pull, twist, twist, suck your sexual sponges and a clitoris and at all this something to say that it seems to the lady silly and amusing. Naturally, all this would be not so terrible, if during his speeches the orgasm which has loomed on the horizon did not disappear not clearly where. Therefore point to the partner to his mistake and tell that it is necessary to do.

And the next moment on which ladies in a bed expostulate is a short duration oral ласк. The man can be late "there" for 30-40 seconds, realize that the partner was humidified, it is obligatory to tell it about it and to hurry to enter into it. But ladies this fact remain are very disappointed, after all a big half of them remains insufficiently warm for sex, and that men call "was humidified" – not that another, as their own saliva.

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