Cекс in the car: what it is necessary to know?

Cекс in the car: what it is necessary to know?

Sex in the car it is very romantic. That stereotype is put in our heads by innumerable films. And we, naturally, are inclined to believe to perfectly finished shooting shots. But here when business reaches real life, all appears is not so iridescent at all.

On back sitting is completely enough place when you there sit alone. It is necessary to be added to the partner and the place somehow starts not to suffice to a meeting, in particular, if your elect appears the sports athlete. Be ready to that will be very awkward and, in the best case, you can be attached in any conditionally applicable pose. Also rejoice, if, tapping with the head about glass, it will turn out to reach the end safely.

If very to spread out face-to-face sitting, it is possible to have sex and there. However, the man, in view of own dimensions, will be посиживать, and it is necessary to you somehow will contrive and to saddle it in a pose of the equestrian. At all these knees it will be very unpleasant, because along the edges of sitting usually there is nothing myagenky, you will rest continually against fastenings of the belts, any castors, handles and other awkward pieces. Yes, and not запамятовывайте about happy ability a case to press on a horn at midpoint.

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It is acceptable it is successfully possible to practise oral sex in the car. Though the main pleasure so or on another, will get to the man. So, if wish to make to the beloved pleasantly why would be not present. Only remember safety. Guys like to do it under way and for the sake of acute senses they are inclined to ignore such concept as safety. So reflect before starting, whether you are ready to bear responsibility for and all participants of traffic? And whether you are ready to regain consciousness in policlinic on adjoining beds?

Cекс in the car: what it is necessary to know?

Vobshchem, not everything is so bad. Is in a car sex and the positive moments. It absolutely precisely raises. Later. When everything will come to the end, and you will get home, to a cozy warm bed where it will be possible to make eventually it properly.

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