Sex without a pronikaniye: noteworthy ideas

Sex without a pronikaniye: noteworthy ideas

As it is necessary from the name, this type of sex does not ask entry of a penis of the man into a vagina of the lady. When it is pertinent – if sexual rest (before delivery of analyses is shown to pair, during pregnancy, during healing of partners from a sexually transmitted infection); if pair very much loves intim in public (a cinema hall, park, the lift, restaurant etc.); if pair likes to experiment in a bed; if partners while know the friend to the friend insufficiently, only start to meet

What sex without penetration» comes into concept «?

At first, it is oral sex – a cocksucking and a cunnilingus when partners голубят the friend to the friend language and sponges, use at all this different technicians and increase the sexy skill. Not substitution at sex without a pronikaniye the pose «69», when partners to a meeting голубят is considered genitals the friend to the friend.

Sex without a pronikaniye mutual masturbation when partners stroke genitals the friend to the friend is considered also. At this time it is better посиживать the person to each other so you come into visual contact, can create genitals the friend to the friend, track down all emotions. Here – to learn to trust the main thing the friend the friend and to be liberated.

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In – 3-x, sex without a pronikaniye it is possible to call imitation of sexual intercourse. What is it? Partners can be engaged in oral sex, mutual masturbation, and at the end заместо a pronikaniye start to rub the friend about the friend genitals. The lady can be both in linen, and without it, it is necessary to try differently. Specifically this equipment is used by stripteasers – skilled and expensive which, without allowing clients to touch to for itself hands, force them to test an orgasm.

Too it is possible to consider erotic massage as one of sex forms without a pronikaniye. The lady голубит orchestra seats body language, sponges, hair and a breast, it lies at this time on a tummy and starts to rub the member about a bed. With ladies business is a little more difficultly – having finished the lady touches of lips, language, nipples, the partner helps it to terminate, stroking a clitoris.

Do not fear to deliver the friend the friend pleasure in public places – the lift, a cinema hall, during a dinner at restaurant. The main thing – do so that you did not catch on roast. Will see, you receive what unforgettable pleasure and experience!

Sex between a breast of the lady or as it truly is called, too is considered intramammarny contact good stimulation of a penis and grants an orgasm without a pronikaniye in a vagina of the lady.

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