Whether gays celebrate on March 8?

Whether gays celebrate on March 8?
They – well-groomed and fine, gentle and gentle, passionate and ardent, with the narrow spiritual organization and strong spirit. An excellent half of ladies dreams of such men, but they are forever lost for a beautiful floor. They – not such as all.

Love of the man to the man – here a condition of their soul, lifestyle, calling, situation and a sentence. It is possible to consider nonconventional orientation as everything, and homosexuals to award different epithets, but from it they do not become others. Though what of them finds and finds the happiness near such, as well as he. In a gay party such pair with pride calls itself a family, and in ordinary life often hides the feelings – gays still do not understand, humiliate, offend and dismiss.

Them with comfort in own world where there is a place for understanding and respect, unwritten rules and century traditions. They, as well as many heteros, adore New year, Day St. Valentine, Day of youth and Shrovetide. How on February 23 and on March 8 – from time immemorial man’s and ladies’ holidays? What from their gays consider? Will promote it to realize two real histories which visually show that all homosexuals very various and at each of them the holidays and the moral framework.

Stanislav and Evgeny

Two businessmen got acquainted on the website of acquaintances as it do тыщи homosexuals. Only 1 estimating look on a photo and several hours of correspondence was enough for this purpose to realize that they found the friend to the friend in this cruel and unfair world. Stas and Eugene lived in various small towns, they exchanged phones and without evenings without a break got tired stirred in general about everything. It seemed to each of them that anybody and never so fixedly listened to them, did not breathe in unison and did not dream of the joint future.

In a month Stanislav arrived to business trip to the city where there lived Evgeny. Their 1st meeting reminded a shot from the film: flickering candles on a table, a gentle music, a smart dinner and precious wine. And still – the looks, full tendernesses, passions and hopes. A night they were not disappointed in each other, and morning which met in common, Eugene and Stas christened the happiest in own life. They were convinced that similar tender dawn will be more many, and spoke about love from the first look – that which poets and отрисовывали sang of painters.

Then appointments they simply descended from reason. Lovers called up not only only in the evenings as earlier, and few times in day and said for hours. Knew the friend the friend even that, appear, was that trifle and absolutely insignificant. But in their case all it was meaningful and represented enthusiasm.

Through a quantity of days, on the eve of March 8, Evgeny managed to escape to Stanislav with reciprocal visit. And this appointment in 100 крат was brighter than the first though they too called acquaintance the true fairy tale. «From day in day, from a meeting to a meeting we love the friend even more feasibly, even more faithfully and even more deeply», – young people so said, filling up and strongly holding hands.

Next morning Stas wakened from romantic music, aroma of fragrant coffee and feeling of real happiness. But that the partner did not congratulate him on March 8 and did not present flowers, saddened his mood. The narrow spiritual organization of the guy simply revolted and forced to think about a carelessness, indifference and even Evgeny’s avidity.

Here already few years a poporyadka and Stas, and his friends gays congratulated the friend to the friend on Day of spring, visited the closed clubs and the parties directed on a certain subject, dressed ladies’ dresses and put on heels. Stas’s last partners always granted to the distinguished young man spirits, florets and arranged dinners. But Eugene and presents for itself could not that his lack of information becomes the precondition of the first and latest scandal in their relations. The annoyed and indignant Stas not only only stated all to the partner, well and, having offended, collected things and left.

Through a quantity of days Evgeny received the letter by electric mail. Stas wrote that Eugene did not consider in it narrow and gentle soul, beauty, kindness and politeness – all what only the real lady can повытрепываться … But Eugene to itself realized one: the world rules self-interest, and true love – that which poets and отрисовывали sang of painters, – simply does not exist.

Alexander and Oleg

Young people got acquainted only some months back – on the eve of New year. Sascha and Oleg faced on a solemn intoxicated party, and everything few minutes sufficed them for this purpose to take this meeting for a gift of heavens. Them as a magnet pulled to each other, and joyful New Year’s holidays of the man carried out in common. With the last Christmas holiday the magic enchanting spectacle evaporated, and men came back to grayish everyday life. But both already understood that the friend without the friend to them not to be, and made the decision to build affairs and to live under one roof.

Earlier each of them had long and severe homosexual affairs, but their meeting put an end to starenky hobbies and threw into whirlpool of the latest love and passion. Two months, young people later began to call itself a true family. They acquainted the friend to the friend with the parents and friends with whom note holidays, walk and consult. The main thing for them is that close people perceive them such with what they are, in every possible way support and help. There are feelings of two and love of people around – that else is necessary for happiness? Truly – only desire as it is possible to keep this harmony and understanding longer. From own last relations though what of young men took out this golden rule and decided to make every effort to that the partner rejoiced even to trifles, listened and heard fine and basic words, it was charmed every minute spent in common. READ ALSO – Fascinating history of a holiday on March 8
After joint New Year’s holidays Sascha and Oleg funny celebrated Day Valentin, сходив at cinema, having made a romantic dinner and having exchanged symbolical gifts. It was their 1st cooperative Day of lovers, and they did all probable to present the friend the friend satisfaction and pleasure. And Day of defenders of the Fatherland which both guys consider the most real man’s holiday was farther. Oleg served in the army, all life was proud of it and perceived congratulations from the family. Sascha though cannot повытрепываться service in army, but in own life made many real man’s acts, worthy admiration and respect. Therefore on February 23 children note, as well as million Ukrainian young men – at the table, with toasts and memoirs, though they at them, special.

On March 8 men plan to congratulate own mothers, sisters and girlfriends on Day of spring, to manage to bypass all own hot loved ladies who do their life краше, more cozy, more kindly and more joyfully. Sascha and Oleg even do not reflect that International ladies’ day can have to them though the small relation: disguise does not practise in their family in female clothes, shoes on a hairpin and visible мейкап. They are the most true men capable of the most true man’s acts, but only adore not ladies, and the friend to the friend.

«If I sleep with the man, it does not mean that I should look as the lady. The man should remain a man at all deals and in though what situation», – Sascha considers. Oleg convinces that never would present to the partner of flowers on March 8, and here in though what other day – please that it with pleasure and practises.

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