How to make on the man the 1st reminiscence?

How to make on the man the 1st reminiscence?

Usually, the 1st reminiscence of the person appears practically within 30 seconds. Often it is caused by influence of visual events.

After all though what of us at first pays the attention to external shape of the person, his physical data, ability to put on, emphasize the pluses and to hide shortcomings of an exterior. During this moment we, like the professional photographer, create an image, late we fix it in own subconsciousness. The ordinary choice of that or other candy is a pleasant example of influence of external shape of object of our attention. Who from us will direct attention to small, ordinary sugar candy with a merkly, unsightly obvertka which does not appear on a look? The same effect occurs also dreams at the first meeting. But there is no guarantee of that behind a visible exterior there is the same beautiful, deepest and powerful personality, with the highest moral values. As Giorgio Armani said: «To be stylish does not mean to appear on a look, it means – to be engraved in the memory …»

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Concerning wealth of an interior it is possible to argue unceasingly, but follows visit attention to one of the main events playing an important role at the first meeting. It is a look of the interlocutor, the visual contact arising between people the 1st minutes of acquaintance. It would seem, about what it can tell us? Well the person looks at you and what from that? Everything is very simple – the real beauty of the lady not in clothes, a figure or a hairdress. It – in shine of eyes. Not without reason eyes call a window to the soul. These are gate to a heart where there lives love. And means, and an additional source инфы about the personality. Here therefore many maidens, ladies, preparing for a meeting, whether it be the 1st appointment or the planned acquaintance to the man, try to emphasize specifically eyes. Use at all this тыщи methods: beginning from visible мейкапа and finishing any far-fetched receptions of flirtation taken from ladies’ luster.

But choosing specifically such strategy for reminiscence work on the person, we practically always commit unclear mistakes. After all to the interlocutor all the same as well as as our eyes and eyelashes and as skillfully we them will clap are made up, trying to catch a raspolozhennost of object of our sympathies. Men, at first, pay the attention to that spark flaring in eyes of the lady, generating some spark between people which can reincarnate in a bolshushchy flame soon. Specifically that, truly the fiery look, draws to for itself a return floor. «As, – you ask, – to keep this ardent look, light in eyes when for you long since passed for 40?» The answer is simple. Only the sincere and unconditional love does female beauty unfading. This invaluable feeling is concrete governs the world, sets it in motion. And movement is life. Love and be loved!

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