The female emancipation destroys families

The female emancipation destroys families

The modern world appeared more peaceful to men, than to ladies: in the advanced countries longevity at a weak floor practically does not grow, unlike a strong half of the population of the earth. The matter is that loadings on work, smoking and alcohol – in a word, emancipation. At all this fight of ladies for equality "in kitchen" too backfired – division of house obligations quite often leads to stains.

Curious regularity was found by English scientists who asked a question why the gap between presumable longevity of the man and the lady (usually this indicator is so quickly reduced is estimated in tens years). It became clear that the matter is that – change the nuance of work and change of a way of life, writes The Guardian. Consumption of alcohol and smoking in the middle of young men promptly goes down soon, than cannot повытрепываться representatives of a weak floor. Not including that, men work at harmful productions – in mines and steel foundries less.

In the middle of pairs, which houses agreed to divide equally household chores, for 50 % divorce possibility, than at the ordinary unions there is more, publishes The Guardian results of 1 more research.

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Starting research of this question, scientists reflected that will come to a return conclusion. But it appeared that tests to compel the man to be cleaned and make a dinner increase divorce possibility.

Events to it can be a little. In – 1-x, exact arrangements concerning house obligations do the business plan of house life and kill romanticism, the doctor of sociology of Cantuarian institute Frank Furedi is sure. In – 2-x, modern ladies are quite often formed and have the highest level of prosperity therefore they are independent of the workmate and simply decide on divorce, Thomas Hansen, the coauthor of work "Equality in the house" considers.

However, there are also critics of this research. Division of house obligations practically always occurs in families of middle class in the middle of which the percent of stains is usually high.

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