How to keep affairs after a marriage?

How to keep affairs after a marriage?

Even if it seems to you that marriage is only the formality, not capable to influence your love, be not so convinced. In the 1st year the most part of the newly married makes the ordinary mistakes, capable if not to damage, to spoil affairs in a family. Here governed, which will promote you to realize and accept the friend to the friend.

Rule 1st. Get used, instead of try to change the friend to the friend
After a marriage the temptation is great to test to correct the half, eventually to get out the beloved from all defects. At all do not try! The man will absolutely precisely give a hostile reception to such infringement of the freedom. Where it is easier and safer to be engaged in self-improvement and to change the relation to its personal features.

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Rule 2nd. Be trained in compromises
After a marriage it seems to the lady that now her rights are boundless. While the man considers that everything that it could for a beloved already made (it on it married, eventually!), so it is possible to relax. Very essentially on this step to learn: to spouses – not so to press, and to spouses – not to cease to be Men.

Rule third. The trust will give mutual understanding.
As you have a status of the spouse, you catch the machine gun jealousy. Try to realize that the spouse is not your property, despite of a stamp in the passport. Do not try to keep control and achieve it in everything the report on each spent instant. Present the spouse freedom, and you will see that the absolute trust cannot be deceived.

Rule 4th. Support should be mutual
That the man assumed responsibility for you and for your possible kids, yet does not mean that he stopped to be in soul a child. Always remember it. In exchange on the repaired cranes and the paid accounts for the electric power, your man constantly needs support. Not запамятовывайте about gratitude.

If both of you learn not to accept as appropriate everything that do for each other, and every time to exult, your alliance will successfully overcome both the 1st critical year, and the following turning points of house life.

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