Nutlets in the menu will stir spermatozoa

Nutlets in the menu will stir spermatozoa

Walnut nutlets favorably influence quality of a man’s seed. If in acquisition by posterity, to you stirs futility of the spouse (it not enough quantity and bad quality of a seed causes), there was a chance everything to correct without medicamentous intervention. Feed blessed with nutlets!

«Some very lightly treat such researches and even laugh at them. There are more proofs of that the diet of young men influences quality and quantity of the made seed», – Alan Peysi, the senior teacher of andrology at Institute in Sheffield says.

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The researches carried out by scientists proved that the fat acids found in nutlets promote playing of a high-quality seed. Young men have 12 days adding to own diet walnut nutlets, movement and viability of spermatozoa became essentially better.

Founder: Maria Lukina

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