Luck of career is influenced by date of birth

Luck of career is influenced by date of birth

Scientists say that luck of career of the person and speed of his advance on an office ladder are influenced by date of birth and most of all chances of furor at those who was born in March.

The group of scientists under control of Maurice Levi investigated dependence of career growth of 375 people on date of their birth. In 1992-2009 all of them worked as director generals of the companies entering into number S&P 500 (a share index in which 500 American joint stock companies with the highest level of capitalization are included).

Researchers received the subsequent results: most of all directors were born in the spring. In June and July 6,13 % and 5,87 % of participants of a selection respectively were born. The shred been born in April made 10,67 %. And most of all successful people as it appears, celebrate day of the birth in March – 12,53 %.

On view of founders of research, that the people given birth in the summer become more rare directors, can be connected with a rassredotachivaniye on age at school. The matter is that the heads of the companies who have seemed on light in summer months, during study at school were the youngest in the middle of own schoolmates, and those who was born in the spring – most senior. Because the 2nd were developed better than the first, they were trained better.

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Maurice Levi notes that very quite often raneshny furor promotes that the person becomes a winner, receives wider abilities of acquisition of knowledge and of the following life has more advantages. Such makary, founders of research are convinced that bases of future career are put in school days, at all this luck of undertakings and development of leader characteristics depend on date of birth.

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