Council of day: do the man better, than it is!

Council of day: do the man better, than it is!

TV host Svetlana Volnova agrees with a proverb that meet on clothes, and see off on reason. She recommends to aspire always to an equilibrium nice-looking combination to ability adequately to behave:

«A beautiful exterior – a quite good prize for a start though what career. But it is necessary to dispose of this prize with reason. Here, for example, I got to America thanks to own exterior, and stayed there 12 years because is skillful to listen, go on compromises and to respect the interlocutor.

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With erudition men usually shine, for ladies the intuitive reason, erudition and sexuality is more important. It is not necessary to aspire to eclipse own man, it is necessary to be able to induce it so that it near you became better».

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